YouTube Cover Size: The Basics You Should Know

Have you ever logged into an account on social media and noticed that the images were distorted? The feeling that passes is that the owner of the page is not zealous with what he does. Every detail makes the difference when attracting the public in digital marketing. For example, the size of the YouTube cover has a standard, works as an attraction that conveys the visual identity of the channel and can be used in an informative way.

So, it cannot be neglected. It’s essential that it’s well set up and looks eye-catching. That’s why we’ll explain what the ideal size is, what tools to use to make it, and give you foolproof tips so you can have an attractive YouTube cover. Read on and know everything!

Importance of setting up YouTube channel

People like to learn new things and the videos are ideal for those who want quick and practical knowledge. In this sense, YouTube works as a great search engine, as many people go directly to it to find what they want.

Likewise, transmitting your knowledge through videos is a great opportunity for those who want to stand out on the web, which can be done through the YouTube channel, but there are countless people with the same intention. Therefore, having a channel with good practices is essential to leverage your results.

When the user decides which account will consume content, he takes some factors into account. Certainly, an account with good images, catchy titles, well-crafted descriptions and relevant content will stand out from the rest.

Although the cover conveys little information, the visitor to your profile will be able to know your brand, the type of content produced and some basic data that are included in the art. If it is attractive, the internet user will be interested in watching the videos.

Tips for creating a good cover for YouTube

Get inspired by other channels

In the corporate world, it is important to study competitors whenever you are going to implement new things or simply modify what already exists. The intention is not to plagiarize what the competition does, but it is necessary to be inspired, to get a broader and more strategic vision.

The goal should be to identify possible patterns, gain insights and apply best practices to your brand. This analysis also allows you to see those channels that don’t have a commendable strategy. Thus, the entrepreneur will know what not to do.

Use the right tools

In order for your business’ YouTube cover to be attractive, it cannot be done in any program and in any way. Remember that appearance makes all the difference in the customer’s vision. If the channel doesn’t make a good impression, it won’t even watch the content of the videos.

There are several websites that offer different ready-made templates. So, if you don’t have any affinity with creating art, you’ll just need to modify it according to your colour palette and enter the desired information.

However, we recommend working on this skill, to — in the future — create layouts that have your brand identity. We have separated some indications of sites that leave the image with good quality and that are easy to use:

  • canvas ;
  • picmonkey ;
  • befunky ;
  • Photo.

Change as needed

The YouTube cover must always follow the standard of your visual identity. However, you don’t always need to keep the same layout. It can be modified as needs arise.

For example, your default cover might be just a catchphrase and, at some point, your company will launch. Then, a few days before, the cover could be changed to a layout with information about the release.

YouTube cover size

YouTube can be opened on mobile devices, computers and televisions. So, you must be careful with the size of the image used, as each user will have a different view. It’s no use having a good layout and it doesn’t appear complete for channel visitors. Check out the recommendations of the platform itself:

  • minimum dimensions — 2048 × 1152 pixels;
  • recommended dimensions — 2560 × 1440 pixels;
  • safe area (part of image that shows on all devices) — 1235 × 338 pixels;
  • File size—maximum 6MB.

Basic guidelines for changing the cover of Youtube

Changing the cover image on the YouTube channel is simple, just follow this step by step:

  • go to the YouTube website > sign in to your account;
  • in the top right menu, click on the channel icon and select “Your channel”;
  • Then a new screen will appear. In it, select “customize the channel”;
  • from the top menu, select “branding”;
  • in “banner image”, click “send” and choose the cover image;
  • To fit the size of the cover, select a preview and change the crop. Then click on “Done” > “Publish”.

Include links

To direct your YouTube audience to other relevant media, it is important to place the links on the cover of the channel, as it is highly visible and easy to access. This feature will increase audience engagement. See how to insert the links:

  • go to the YouTube website > sign in to your account;
  • in the top right menu, click on the channel icon and select “Your channel”;
  • Then a new screen will appear. In it, select “customize the channel”;
  • from the top menu, select “about”;
  • then click on “add link”;
  • in “link title”, put the name of the site to which the viewer will be redirected and, next to it, put the desired “URL”;
  • In the upper right corner, click “publish”.

Therefore, having a suitable layout and the size of the YouTube cover, inserting links and applying other strategies makes all the difference in your channel’s growth. Take advantage of the tips we provide and perform at the top.