Video nuggets: what is it and how to use yours?

Video nuggets are important snippets of larger videos that act as bait for the audience to seek out the full content. Like fast food, they are instantaneous and serve as an aperitif for the ‘main dish’, which is the audiovisual material in its entirety.

They are practically a fever on social networks like Instagram and Facebook — which even run videos automatically, making conversion even easier.

Furthermore, these mini-videos have a double function: they are an effective strategy for the content producer and, at the same time, objectively deliver the most important message to the general public.

Remember that video marketing is far from its prime. According to Wordstream, videos on social media can generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

What are you waiting for to make your nuggets? Keep reading the article and apply this strategy too!

What are video nuggets?

Any short video, in which only one person appears talking, often found on social networks and which usually contains subtitles and titles, can be a nugget video.

Ideally, this presenter in the video is teaching a class or speaking at some event, so the snippet is some golden tip.

But is it worth it to hand over this gold like that?

Well, nuggets are like free samples. If you know that webinars and workshops generate high conversions because they are high-quality free content, videos nuggets follow the same idea.

The materials make your brand easier to find, as it ‘costs nothing’ for the user to click on the nugget for a few minutes or seconds. Thus, its main features are:

  • They are short-lived and informative;
  • Content answers a question, demystifies a limiting belief, or solves a lead problem ;
  • It has headline (title);
  • Displays subtitles;
  • Shows a progressive bar, usually;
  • The screen has a square format (1080×1080).

There is even more terminology related to video nuggets: the short content, which appears in the video itself, is called Nutella, and the original content (which is longer and is the original source) is called the root.

How to create nuggets?

Now that you’ve seen the idea behind nuggets, understand how any digital entrepreneur can create one:

Choose software or video app to edit video nuggets

Because of the need to add a title and leave the video in a specific format, you will need a video editing program. On Instagram, at least, there is the option of automatic subtitles — which is not well recommended, as they tend to have errors and are not so visible.

The good news is that there is a lot of free, non-watermarked software that works well on less modern computers. Also, you can take videos from your phone and edit directly on it too, like Open Camera (for Android) or Filmic Pro (for iOS).

If you find it difficult to add the progressive bar over time to the video, look for online video editors that fulfil this specific function. In addition, YouTube and Facebook have sound effect libraries that make nuggets more attractive and eye-catching.

Chop the root content and edit it in sequence

Once you have installed your video editing program, choose the material you are going to edit. Past Lives are the best files as they don’t require as much editing. So, you’ll watch and cut the video at times when you pass interesting tips.

After that, you can save the video to upload to YouTube (if you have a channel), as it will already be 1080×1080 px. Then, with the content, less than 1 minute away, use it for Facebook or Instagram feed. Lastly, edit the material for IGTV as you will have to change the screen aspect ratio to 1080×1920 PX.

By the way, if your video was shot vertically, you have another option (apart from creating a background that makes it horizontal), which is to keep it vertical. Just create a vertical background, on the side, with the headline and captions in a smaller margin. It’s a different look than most people do and it also works normally.

Make a good headline and subtitle the nugget

The headline will predate your content, draw attention and impact your nugget video, so don’t overlook it. The ideal size will depend on the formatting of the text — font size, font type and whether it will be bold etc. To avoid compromising the look, keep the edges of the video free (without filling the entire horizontal with the title).

As for subtitles, they are really necessary, although they are not mandatory. A Facebook survey shows that around 85% of all videos viewed on its platform are watched with the audio turned off. You don’t want to miss this opportunity, do you?

Also regarding the texts, keep your social media usernames visible, next to the icons, preferably. Sites like Flaticon and Remix Icon have these free features for you to include in the nugget.

Video nuggets x CPL video (Pre-release content)

As a general rule, every nugget video must add value — by solving a question, clarifying a problem, and so on. The CPL video will, in fact, prepare the prospect for the purchase, that is, it intends to sell. Ideally, combine the two contents for your pre-release.

In fact, whether or not you have an infoproduct to launch, CPL nuggets and videos are great material for ad campaigns. They are usually already in the format and editing type supported by these paid ads.

Thus, video nuggets are relatively easy materials to be produced, even because they are the use of existing content, and with high conversion potential.