LinkedIn Ads: Why and How to Create Social Network Ads

When we talk about social networks, what is the first one that comes to your mind? It’s probably not LinkedIn, right? There is a mistake in imagining this network as a huge bank of online resumes. However, it is much more than that and LinkedIn Ads cannot be left out of your strategy.

This channel is ideal for B2B digital marketing and for creating relationships with other entrepreneurs and potential customers. As it is less explored, it is expected that your ad will be even more prominent in it.

Do you want to understand, through data, the reasons for using LinkedIn Ads? Read on and check it out.

Why create ads on LinkedIn Ads?

Brand strengthening

LinkedIn Ads is the platform that allows you to strengthen your brand’s presence on this social network. So, in addition to traffic — which is very powerful on LinkedIn — it’s still possible to stand out through ads.

While most people believe that Google or Facebook are more efficient, it should be noted that this is not always true. These networks are more popular, but that doesn’t mean the majority of your audience is on them.

Campaign effectiveness

LinkedIn has proven to be very effective, especially for B2B relationships. According to Hubspot, this network is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter.

This is because people join this professional social network focused on business, unlike the more visual networks that are used for entertainment. So investing in ads will improve your performance even more.

As Brazil has few people betting on LinkedIn, this is the time for your company to stand out with a small investment in ads and get qualified leads.

Different goals

When creating the campaign, the platform asks what your objective with that ad is. Thus, unlike other social networks that the target audience is mostly funnelled top, LinkedIn can bring a good amount of audience that is in more advanced stages.

That’s why it’s important to look at the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) of each social network, as engagement metrics rarely reflect the return on investment that was made in the ad.

How to create ads on LinkedIn Ads

To use LinkedIn Ads, you must have a corporate page — LinkedIn Company Page. To create it, just follow the steps:

  • Access your personal page and click on “Solutions” > “Create a Company Page”;
  • Select the type of page that best suits your business;
  • Fill in the required fields and finish.

Once you have the page ready, go to Campaign Manager to set your account name, currency — choose Brazil, Real (BRL) — and your LinkedIn Page link. After that, click on “Create account”.

From now on, you will build the ad and each step must be well thought out so that the budget is used correctly. Then, among the options presented by the manager, choose the objective that best suits what you want to achieve, such as:

  • Site visits;
  • Lead generation;
  • Engagement.

Then choose your target audience, which involves thorough targeting. Pay close attention to this step, as the more accurate your targeting, the more qualified leads will be attracted.

LinkedIn allows you to make different ads, such as video, text, image, carousel, among others. So, it’s time to make that decision. It’s worth noting that it’s important to decide based on what your audience consumes the most.

Finally, transfer the ad that’s on your mind to the platform. The title must have a maximum of 25 characters and the body of the text, 75 characters. So, be objective and use copywriting techniques to get your audience’s attention. See more tips on the subject in this video

Now, choose the payment method which, like most ad managers, can be:

  • Cost per click (CPC);
  • Cost per thousand (CPM).

It’s up to you to define what will be most beneficial, considering different factors of your ad. With that, also define the budget that will be invested. We recommend starting with a low value as a way to understand how the campaign works and optimize your strategy in the future.

How to optimize campaigns?

Perform segmentation

LinkedIn allows you to do a complete targeting, in addition to basic information such as gender and age. That way, your campaign will be well-targeted. Here are some options you can include:

  • Location;
  • Company sector;
  • Office;
  • Educational institutions;
  • Groups that the person participates in;
  • Time experience;
  • Professional qualification.

This allows your ad to be shown directly to the persona and your budget will be leveraged as effectively as possible.

Explore the lead generation form

In some cases, you need to collect information from users, but we know that filling in too much data can end up de-motivating people to respond to your form.

Therefore, LinkedIn provides a form template in which the visitor’s key information is already filled out. This way, he has less space to enter his data, which increases the number of respondents.

Take tests

Digital media allow you to monitor metrics. Thus, the entrepreneur can make comparisons and understand how to have campaigns with higher conversion rates.

So don’t be afraid to run tests and make changes to your ads, as that’s what will optimize your results. LinkedIn Ads makes the information of each post available so you know how they performed.

If you find that you’re not achieving what you expected, it’s important to modify the ad until you reach the model that converts the most. Over time, you’ll know what catches — and doesn’t — your leads’ attention.

LinkedIn Ads has a surprising reach and can be a differential for your business, considering that, in Brazil, few players explore this social network. Include it in your Media Plan and analyze the results that will be obtained.