Launch Formula: what it is and how it is applied

The launch formula may seem like magic, but it isn’t. It is a digital marketing training program based on the objective of bringing above average results in a short period of time.

If you want to know more about a successful case-based training program to help you achieve six-figure revenue, you’ve come to the right place! Good reading!

Understand the launch formula

Six figure

Unlike what happens in Brazil, in the United States it is common to say how much is earned per year. There, when someone starts earning a six-figure salary, that is, at least $100,000, they are considered a six-figure.

The 6 out of 7 billing is the embodiment of what happens when the salary of a six-figure is earned in just seven days.

The launch formula is a training program whose goal is to create a high-yield, 6-in-7 business.

It was strategically designed by Jeff Walker, and Erico Rocha, one of the pillars of the digital enterprise in Brazil, brought it to the country. Erico Rocha is a passionate entrepreneur who believes in launching digital products on the internet as the most profitable business model in the world.

For him, even if you still don’t have a concrete idea, training can help you build a successful business.

Launch Formula is relationship-based

At the heart of the launch formula is the focus on taking care of people. The relationship with your consumer, and potential customer, is the starting point of a continuous cycle that goes through content, offer and feedback.

Each stage is responsible for generating certain emotions, which will be decisive in the purchase decision. We’ll talk a little more about these stages below.


This is where the cycle starts. The relationship is based, among other strategies, on Inbound Marketing – or attraction marketing.

At this stage, the actions are aimed at attracting the public – as the name says. Not for the product itself, but for the company or entrepreneur that offers it.

The objective here is to make the consumer reach you. But that attraction only sets in and holds if you are able to offer the next item.


Considered “The King” within marketing, it is content marketing that demonstrates authority, generates engagement and adds value to your product or service.

So don’t be afraid to share what you know. It is by sharing your knowledge, strategically, that you gain the consumer’s trust, add value to what you want to sell, arouse interest and create expectations for the point we will see below.


Nobody said it would be easy, but it would be worth it. After capturing the consumer, investing in the relationship, delivering value and building expectations, it is time to make the offer.

It’s the long-awaited release. Two important points of this step, according to the formula, are the triggers of the exclusive offer for a limited time.

But what are triggers? We’ll talk about this later.


The product launched and sold = end of the cycle. Only no.

One of the factors why the formula has been used and replicated in the online and physical markets for over 20 years is that it can be used over and over again. For various types of releases.

When launching a product, remember to deliver more than you promise. It is this feeling of WOW that will strengthen the bonds between your brand and the customer and what will make them loyal.

So it’s always important to hear what they think, to know if they liked it. That’s what will help you understand this customer even more, identify new opportunities and even get the so-called social proof – when the customer becomes your ambassador.

Launch formula works?

There are many successful cases, according to the website Formula de Launch, by Erico Rocha.

A dance teacher who leveraged his turnover by more than 100,000 reais, a nutritionist who decided to take a risk and was surprised by the results of his investments and, perhaps most impressively, a programmer who earned nearly two million reais after betting all it had.

Trust me, the launch formula really works.

Launch formula and mental triggers

Since all choice starts in the brain, that’s where your message must go. More specifically in the limbic system – the part responsible for emotions and social behaviour. According to the formula, this is done using mental triggers. Meet some of them below

Exclusive offer and limited time (scarcity)

They are among the most important. But they are activated at the end of the interaction. They are the ones who lead to conversion.

The exclusive offer awakens the feeling of being special and belonging to a select group and the limited time generates a sense of urgency, which was already being fed by other triggers such as:


As mentioned briefly above. Demonstrating that you are knowledgeable, up to date, and sharing information that aggregates are essential to being seen as an authority and generating the next trigger.


It must permeate the buying journey from start to finish. It builds each time you keep your promises.


The sense of belonging to a group influences decision making. In order to reach this point, it is important to understand that communication should never be robotized to arouse precisely this sense of personhood.


It is key in the process. Your message should generate waiting for an event. It is born when curiosity is aroused.

Social proof

As mentioned in the feedback section. Talking about yourself and demonstrating authority are essential. But having a satisfied customer who confirms this is the confirmation that fuels a sense of community (shows you listen to them) and trust.

But beware, this is not manipulation. Launch formula strategies are meant to be used with integrity and honesty. Your product exists to meet a consumer’s need. An exchange, like any buy-sell negotiation. Only more elaborate.

How to put the launch formula into practice?


At HeroSpark, you’ll find a Funnel model created based on the well-known launch formula that manages to be even better. The program helps you deliver content with different types of triggers to warm up your potential customers and instigate them to follow your business. All this for a much more affordable price.

Capture page

The moment you decide to launch a digital product, create a capture page to attract new customers. Make your brand eye-catching and interesting. Describe everything you offer and the benefits that make your business an irresistible choice.

And finally, when the lead provides contact information, such as email, it becomes part of your sales funnel.


Once your lead is integrated into your business, release the event information: when will it happen? At where? What time? What other possible channels can the customer use to connect with your brand?

Make your client not forget the event, but, in addition, let him become familiar and bond with your business.

I liked the launch formula, now what?

As mentioned at the beginning of the text. The launch formula is knowledge developed and honed by people with years of marketing experience. Strategies training, then, is part of your portfolio. Therefore, to go deeper, it is necessary to invest around R$6,000 to R$8,000.

Show that you not only offer a product but a solution to hard-to-solve problems. Present your business as an essential venture for the buyer’s life and not as a mere expense to be out-of-pocket by the customer.

Convey trust and build a relationship with the person interested in your product. You must nurture the customer or potential customer with valuable content; that’s what content marketing is for. Invest in it.