Instagram algorithm: learn how to use it to your advantage

Instagram is one of the world’s leading social networks, with over 800 million active users. Therefore, having your company present on the social network is essential for the growth and dissemination of your business. On the other hand, for you to be successful in your endeavour, you need to have the knowledge and know how Instagram’s algorithm works. 

Well then, Instagram’s algorithm is an automatic data collection system and artificial intelligence that establishes the order of placement of the posts that appear in the user’s feed. It works as a kind of filter for the user on their social networks, in which, based on their actions, they will list what is more and less important.

Depending on your posts and their frequency, your content may appear first to other people, just as it may not. But how do you know what to do about it? Let’s explain!

How does Instagram’s algorithm work today?

So, the function of the algorithm is to make the user find what he most wants first. Understanding what he wants is based on his interactions with certain profiles. The platform seeks to help any company because it wants to make as much profit as possible from advertisers. The more people who see your ad, the better for your business. As such, this will earn Instagram profit as well.

Before Instagram posts appeared in chronological order, that is, all posts displayed appeared among users. However, to improve their experience, the social network started to show only what was most important. Why? With the user seeing only what they want, the chance to return and stay in the app longer is greater. That way, he’ll see more ads and Instagram will profit from it.

What are the criteria for the algorithm?

There are three pillars that influence the choice of Instagram. First, the interest. Your likes direct you to a certain type of content and Instagram will prioritize delivering it. For example, if you are always into content about sports, business or health food, the algorithm will understand that these are your main interests.

Based on this, even though posts don’t have a high number of engagements, they can appear at the top of the feed and at the beginning of Stories. The second influencing factor is novelty. As much as there was the change we said earlier, Instagram gives priority to the most recent posts, but for a certain amount of time. If in the first hour of exposure the content does not have a good engagement, it will end up losing positions.

Finally, the relationship is another influencing factor. In other words, Instagram will deliver the posts of the profiles that the user interacts with the most. Also, some profiles that the user searches regularly, such as an influencer or a company, may appear at the top of your posts. Instagram understands that he might be interested in the subject, but hasn’t seen him in their timeline yet. So, so you don’t have to look, the social network already delivers it.

With Stories, it is not much different. Those that appear as a priority are the ones that the user interacts with the most. The more it interacts with the content of some profiles, the more Stories will appear first. However, if it is ignored or immediately closed, Instagram understands that the user is not interested and sends them to the end of the queue.

How to use Instagram’s algorithm to your advantage?

​ Here are some tips on how to have Instagram’s algorithm working for you!

Find the best times for your followers

One of the factors directly involved is the initial engagement, as we said earlier. So it’s important to find out what times your audience is online. As much as Instagram has a general schedule, considered good for posts, it’s important to rate it based on your followers. Furthermore, Instagram is considered a modern social network because it constantly reinvents itself.

Always stay tuned for new Instagram features

This social network is one of those that carry out more updates. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of these modernities. Recently, a new feature made available by Instagram proved this by generating great engagement since its inception, which was Reels. Pay attention to these changes to take advantage of them before the competition.

Make content that encourages the interaction of followers

To quote Reels again, videos are often hit and burst through shares. Thus, Instagram privileges the content that makes people want to share. Through shares, the relevance of your posts increases and so the tool starts to spread them to more people on your profiles.

Build a standard to be easily associated with your brand

As it is a social network of images, followers are all the time seeing things on your profile. Therefore, it is important to develop an identity, with color patterns, fonts and other factors. This will make it easier for your audience to recognize your profile when going through the feed.

Create interesting content for followers

As much as there is a wide discussion about what is interesting content, Instagram has standardized on it as one that connects and delights people. In this sense, as much as your profile has to present information about the brand, filling it with just that is not a good way to go. Think of interesting content that will make the audience delight, share and have an attachment in your posts.

Reply to comments and direct

Your company’s relationship with the user is essential to increase post engagement. Therefore, try to quickly respond to comments in your posts or direct messages. This ends up strengthening the relationship between consumer and seller.