How to work with digital marketing: know the main areas of activity

Trends already pointed to this, but after social isolation, many people became interested in how to work with digital marketing. The freedoms of time, money and location are absurdly attractive, aren’t they?

The digital medium is an advantageous business indeed, but it is not easy to ‘get there’. You don’t settle in this business overnight, even because of the speed of adapting to the news that the market demands.

But, in the next few paragraphs, you will have a very objective guide on how to work with digital marketing and turn your life around. Good reading!

How to work with digital marketing in 6 steps?

For some years now, Brazil has been the country where there are more people consuming the Internet. According to Hootsuite’s 2020 Digital Report, from 2019 to 2020, there were 8.5 million more users in our country alone — a growth of 6%. Is there any hotter market than this?

So, check out what you need to do to start working with digital marketing today.

Know where you want to go

What are your desires and goals when working with the Internet? You need self-knowledge and, of course, understanding the opportunities that exist, to fit in with any.

You can undertake on the internet, with a virtual store, provide consulting services, open an agency, sell online courses or even find a digital startup. There are also those who identify themselves as digital influencers, bloggers, streamers, YouTubers and Tiktoker.

So choose where you want to go, even considering where you want to be in 5 or 10 years. It is not a rule, but, preferably, your choice should last for as long as possible. Even because the Internet works in a similar way to compound interest. You have to wait for the algorithm to work in your favour, but when it kicks in, the results come all at once.

Study and apply the acquired knowledge

With a career in mind, study as much as you can about it—while putting the learning into practice. If you’ve chosen e-commerce, look for as much free content that teaches you how to run an online store. In parallel, create your business and do your part little by little.

If you chose to work with Design: again, start with free content, provide services as a beginner, invest the money in paid content and follow the flow: evolving and investing in yourself.

Have an online presence

With a customer base or experience gained in companies, you’ll have a lot of knowledge to share — just as you consumed it in step 1 in the beginning.

So create a profile on a social network that makes sense to you, if possible, have a website and simply show up: be visible to your customers, co-workers and inspirations.


In addition to sharing content, connect with more people in your industry. If they are relevant people, learn from them. If they are beginners, see them as partners who would help you with your demands, while they would learn from your processes.

Whenever you can, go to in-person events. Try working in coworking offices. Networking is essential for anyone who wants to evolve in the digital market.

Learn from mentors

If the flow is going as expected, due to the high scalability and other benefits of working with digital marketing, you will be able to pay for mentorships, Mastermind groups and other companies.

It is not a vital step to work with digital marketing, but it can help your business grow even more.

Build authority

Stick to steps 2 to 5. Be consistent and harvest the fruits.

In digital media, it takes time to get authority, but this is the best way. The stronger you’re online presence and the higher the quality of your product or service, the more successful you are likely to be at work.

Main areas of expertise in digital marketing

After all, what are the most popular ‘professions’ in digital marketing?


Physical establishments, in general, are expensive. Mainly restaurants. The food in the store can go bad and you are forced to throw it in the trash, that is, burn your money. If you have a clothing store, at some point you will also ‘buy out’.

With some virtual stores you also run this risk, however, it is possible to reach more customers – as long as you make deliveries by mail or carriers.

Services provision

Another successful branch is that of individual entrepreneurship. Designers, copywriters, digital strategists, videographers, illustrators, consultants… there are a multitude of digital services sought by users all the time.

When scaling up the provision of services, in some cases, people migrate to open a small business or digital marketing agency.

Marketing agency

Agencies basically plan and build campaigns for other companies or service providers. Those focused on releases, in turn, work with closed infoproduct projects and have been extremely profitable.

The attributes of digital products themselves are aligned with the differentials of digital marketing: almost zero expense, global scalability, higher profit margin than any other sector, among others. Thus, any entrepreneur or company that sells infoproducts receives part of all this profit.

Online courses

Online courses are digital products apart because they are perennial, they can be placed in the members’ area and sold as a subscription (passive income), and they are also increasingly accepted by the public. Forbes projected that this market would reach, in the US, $107 billion in 2015 and the current forecast, for 2025, is of $325 billion.

Corporate training, open courses, mentoring etc. There are several online course templates. Furthermore, the core business of an online course is knowledge. It does not require the purchase of raw materials or any other direct investment.

Was it clear how to work with digital marketing? Start small, one step at a time, and stick with the career you most identify with. Remember, this market is huge, so just be patient with the results.