How to sell on Instagram

Instagram has gone from being a mere social network of personal photo posts to a business platform. As a result, several profiles emerged in order to promote products and services, and the social network has proven to be very efficient for this purpose. But, after all, how to sell on Instagram?

Apparently, just put some information about your product or service and you’re done. But, in practice, we know that this is not the case. Competition is high and people quickly forget about one profile to look for the desired solution in others.

That’s why we’ve separated valuable tips that will help boost your Instagram sales. Check it out below.

Configure the business profile

The first step — and this is indisputable — is to have a business account on Instagram. Among the advantages, it is worth mentioning the possibility of inserting interactive buttons (such as the company’s phone and e-mail) and promoting posts. Another feature available is the “store”, which we’ll talk about later.

In addition, the merchant account has access to metrics such as reach, impressions, number of bio link clicks, follower demographics, and number of saves and shares of your posts.

Careful visual identity

In an online store, the Instagram profile is your shop window. Nobody is attracted to a store with a messy window. Therefore, have a standardized visual identity and that speaks to the target audience. It is this set of visual aspects that will make the user experience pleasant.

If you still can’t hire a designer, that’s fine. You can get started by following these steps:

  • Choose an editing program — we suggest Canva, which is free and intuitive;
  • Define a colour palette;
  • Select standard graphics and typography features;
  • Research what the ideal image size is.

A simple but very well structured profile is that of Nubank. Note that the colour purple is predominant, considering that it is the main tone of the brand. This makes consumers relate the visual identity to the brand.

Simple art can be effective and make a difference in how to sell on Instagram. Nonbank’s feed is an example of how simplicity works well. 

Post relevant content

When someone enters a physical store, there is a person available to answer any and all questions they may have. In the case of the online store, customers don’t want to wait for an answer. So, get ahead and leave all your questions answered on Instagram.

For example, an Instagram that sells online courses can highlight the following content:

  • What content is covered in each class?
  • How can an online course be useful for a career?
  • Who are the instructors?

Other curiosities can be left in the feed. This type of content adds value to the business and attracts more consumers, as people want agility. Not having to wait for answers to basic and common questions is a big plus.

Also, explore other types of content that might suit the persona. It may not even have a direct relationship with your product/service, but they will show that you really have authority in the niche market.

To better understand how Content Marketing can contribute to your strategy, check out this video:

Use the “Store” function

Is there anything more unpleasant than reading “price no direct”? Of course not? In addition to being able to set up a crime, since according to the Consumer Defense Code, the customer has the right to access clear information about products and services, including with regard to price.

Therefore, Instagram’s “shop” function is very useful. To use it, just have a website with registered products or Facebook. Then follow these steps:

  • Click set up shop;
  • Enter the address;
  • Choose a currency for charging prices (in our case, the Real);
  • Enter your Facebook email;
  • Select rates for your country and state;
  • Start registering products.

This gives more professionalism and attracts the lead, who can make their purchases quickly. However, if your business only sells services, this is not the best option. In this case, we advise you to leave the values ​​in the stories and feed or provide an easy and quick way of contacting us to make budgets.

Humanize the profile

Regardless of selling products or services, humanizing the brand will build a close relationship with the potential customer. For those who already like quality, they will connect even more with the business. And those who still haven’t had the courage to buy will see that the profile is not a fraud.

Appear in the stories — in the right measure, of course —, make lives and reels, answer the question boxes, comments and directs, leave polls in the stories. Knowing how to sell on Instagram involves much more than selling. Explore available resources and get closer to your audience.

Some content suggestions for this purpose are to introduce yourself, tell the brand’s story and show you behind the scenes of the business. Let the follower feel that they are part of your company and that they know you well.

Use paid traffic

You know when you’re looking for content marketing on the internet and, the next day, Instagram starts showing you countless options for courses in the feed? That’s the function of paid traffic. Deliver the advertisement to people who are already interested in the niche.

The paid traffic is able to attract new leads. That’s because, if done correctly, it will deliver the ad only to those people who have characteristics of your persona, that is, people who need your service/product in order to solve some pain or reach goals.

Investing in advertisements on social network requires a low cost. It is possible to start with around R$6.00 per day and reach a good amount of people. The more targeted the campaign, the less it will take to reach the desired audience.

Knowing how to sell on Instagram and using available resources is essential to succeed, regardless of whether the store is for products or services. So, put our tips into practice and follow the improvement of your business results.