How to sell as an affiliate

How to sell as an affiliate? It is worth it? These are questions that many people ask in their quest to earn money on the internet. Some affiliates simply search for a product and try to sell, without any strategy. But we know that this way it is not possible to obtain good results.

Like any other profession, being an affiliate requires preparation. So, check out our tips for how to sell as an affiliate:

  • Define an acting niche ;
  • Choose a reliable affiliate program ;
  • Use multiple marketing channels ;
  • Pay attention to content marketing ;
  • Invest in traffic ;
  • Use copy techniques.

Define an acting niche

To choose the product that I will be an affiliate, just see what is in most demand, right? Wrong. This is one of the stages of choice, but it is far from being the only one, considering that there are other essential factors and demand alone will not guarantee many digits in your account.

Start by listing as many things as you like that you would be willing to study hard, as this will be very important in the next steps. Among the options, identify the topics that you already have affinity and knowledge of. Now, yes, eliminate what is not in demand and your choice will be easier.

Some examples of niches and their sub-themes are:

  • Finance — investment, making money on the internet, financial independence;
  • Relationship — how to behave on social media, how to choose a partner;
  • Weight loss and health — healthy eating, exercise, vegetarian recipes.

Choose a Reliable Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are platforms that host the products sold by affiliates. It is through them that your customer will have access to the product – and you will receive your earnings. You can already understand its importance in your sales journey, right?

So, see all your options and analyze points such as payment method, usability and support of the platform and the quality of producers.

Learn more about affiliate marketing and read on and we’ll start with practical tips.

Use multiple marketing channels

You know that story that email marketing died and that Facebook is no longer worth investing in? We hope you don’t believe this. The most important thing is to know where your audience is, so get to know your avatar.

Then, define the best marketing channels, which consists in deciding which means will be used to make your product reach the final consumer. Some examples are social media — it doesn’t have to be everywhere, just where your potential customer is — email and websites.

So you can choose just one channel or several. We advise you to choose more than one, as your audience is likely to be in several. But be careful, because delivering quality content takes time and the more channels you choose, the more you have to produce.

Pay attention to content marketing

You might be looking forward to paid traffic tips, but your media needs to be prepared to receive new visitors. So, take care of your content marketing, which consists of creating a lot of valuable content, not only to attract but mainly, to retain your audience.

In addition, the audience will see you as an authority on the subject and whoever comes from paid traffic will want to consume and learn from your content. When that person wants to buy a product from that segment, they will automatically remember your brand.

You can post tips on the topic, memes, explanations of technical terms, trivia, among other things that make sense for your persona. Remember to make educational content, with the appropriate language and that generates engagement.

Invest in paid traffic

The paid traffic aims to attract qualified visitors to your media soon. This can be very useful for anyone who wants to sell as an affiliate. It’s a great strategy that can be used on both social media and Google. This is done through platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, among others.

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. To get good returns and sell as an affiliate, you will need to study hard and perform different tests until you understand how ad platforms work and know what most applies to your audience.

A tip that many people don’t know yet, is to install Facebook pixels. This is to identify which visitors to your profile were and launch more targeted campaigns, considering that they already know you. These people have a greater tendency to buy your product because they unconsciously believe that if they are being “chased” for it, it’s because they need to have it.

Use copy techniques

Copywriting is a sales-focused writing technique. The biggest intention is to make the audience make the decision to take an action. When you see a good ad — whether on billboards, on social media, on TV, or anywhere else — chances are it was copy-based.

There are numerous ways to use this technique, but let’s explain how you can do it simply. This does not exclude the need to study more on the subject, as it is possible that there is greater identification with other approaches.

Basically, you should identify a common pain in your avatar, such as discomfort with your current weight. With that, your text/video should trigger some emotion in it — which can be good or bad — but it will soon come up with its solution.

It is very common to use mental triggers. However, be careful so that advertising is not forced and interpreted as misleading by people. Don’t be aggressive in copying, but subtle. This is a big secret to earning people’s trust.