How to Make Extra Money on the Internet Creating a Digital Business

Before the digital age arrived, many things were unimaginable, like earning extra money on the internet. Have you ever stopped to think about how children today can exercise professions in the future that don’t even exist today? Because that’s what happened to our parents. Your father or grandfather probably didn’t know what “Youtuber” was.

Many people are dissatisfied with the traditional work regime, with a formal contract. Because despite the stability, many of these occupations require that you follow almost everything that the boss determines – especially after the Labor Reform -, in addition to the high tax burden built in by the CLT.

These two forces contribute to increasing the quantity and quality of digital businesses. There are even different and safe ways to earn money on the internet, just get informed and give it a try.

8 ideas on how to earn extra money on the internet

A 2019 report, Ebit’s Webshoppers, found that 36% of Brazilians are digital consumers, that is, people who buy digital products, subscribe to services, among others. Our e-commerce is also highlighted, as it had the highest revenue on the continent in 2018 and in this year of 2020 it has already broken the revenue record (R$ 60 billion).

Open a virtual store

Of all digital businesses, this is the one that has stood out the most in terms of consumer preference. However, this business may require more knowledge and investment to succeed.

It is necessary to think of a product, preferably difficult to be found in physical stores. There are those who create the virtual store on a social network, in an app… but they have limitations and security risks. The price of high billing is to consider all these details.

Be an affiliate

Another good digital business is being affiliated with infoproducts, products or brands. HeroSpark has an affiliate program that has already surpassed the mark of R$90 million in sales of online courses, and the commission can reach up to 50% of the infoproduct.

You can also become an associate of Magazine Luiza or Amazon, earning by selling the products, or even Méliuz, which partners with several other companies that do not necessarily have an affiliate program.

Create infoproducts

If you want to go further and cash in on your own infoproducts, you can do just as well and HeroSpark can help too. Your job is to find a problem, solve it, and put that solution to paper — in course, ebook, workshop format, it’s up to you!

We have SparkStart, a program that walks you through the journey of creating and selling your first digital product. It may not be such an easy path, but earning money on the internet with your own solution is to be the protagonist of your success!

Become a freelancer

The freelancers are part of a digital flexible enough business. Work with image editing, web programming, social media management, copywriting, dubbing, text production, academic assistance, virtual assistance…

It is worth noting that, even if you publish your freelancer on the internet, you can work with face-to-face services, such as repairs, private lessons, among others. However, be aware that the best way to advertise this service is digital.

In addition, you can specialize in one of these services and have your own brands, such as a company yourself or an online course that teaches you your freelancing methods.

Have a member’s area

The member’s area is similar but different from an online course. With it, you can have a blog or website with copyrighted content and make some of them available for those who pay a monthly subscription.

That way, your free content serves as a demonstration or free sample of the knowledge you can offer your audience, which saves you the trouble of having to do marketing campaigns based on digital baits before selling.

Monetize a blog

Locking a site to subscribers is not the only way to make money from it. You can also create your content normally, but with a focus on traffic. Apply strategies that retain your readers on the page and attract more visitors so that views evolve as well.

This way, you will be eligible for Google Adsense, a program in which Google places ads on your website or blog and pays for the space granted. Logically, Adsense is only available to those who have a very busy space and with a minimum number of views. Get to know search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and earn with ads.

Write to Amazon

In addition to writing posts and short content on the web, you can earn a lot of money producing digital books and selling them on Amazon, which offers commissions of up to 70%. However, for a more interesting billing, it is recommended that the language be English.

Although we Brazilians consume a lot of eBooks, those who usually pay for them without so much resistance and objections are foreigners. An estimated 74% of Americans read at least one book a year and 98% of them report reading as a hobby. Thus, novels in this language open doors to a broader consumer market with greater purchasing power.

Receive crowdfunding

Patreon, Padrim, Buy me a Coffee are the top crowdfunding brands. All you have to do is create content and register on one of your sites, so anyone who appreciates your work can contribute from just a few reais or dollars.

If you have a YouTube channel, a podcast, a streaming game or post covers of famous songs, for example, you already have a good chance of receiving that extra money.

Making extra money on the internet is a possibility now, not the future. If you are tired of the CLT regime, you can count on several paths to follow, from a virtual store to a community of your own in the form of a members’ area.