Funnel top: how to produce content for this step

In the digital market, the sales funnel is a model that represents all the contact points that a potential customer has with your business, from the bottom to the top of the funnel. Since the top is the state in which, ideally, someone discovers, feels attracted and interested in your brand.

What is the most striking feature of a funnel? It is, of course, the fact that the content of whatever is put into it is decreasing in quantity—hence the verb “to taper.”

The same happens with your digital business: at the top, there are a huge amount of people aware of your product or service and, over time, fewer people remain until the purchase is completed.

So if there are few people at the top of the funnel, even fewer people will reach the bottom. Hence the motivation for you to bet on content marketing. Try to attract the maximum number of visitors so that, at the bottom of the funnel, more people choose to buy.

But what to do to attract the maximum number of people to the top of the funnel? That’s what you’ll read in this article!

Why create funnel top content

As we’ve already mentioned, the ideal time to cultivate the audience’s interest in your solution and attract them is the top of the funnel. To keep track of how close or far you are to that goal, the main metric that will help is reach vs. impressions.

  • reach 

As intuitive as the term ‘funnel top’ itself, it means the number of people your content has reached in a given period. The best practices for increasing the reach of your content on a social network is to ask questions, always use images, post at regular times and frequently, and take advantage of trends and viral.

For blog content, update it with infographics and short videos, create a newsletter with the week’s content, and share the material on Slide Share or Pinterest, among others. Test out the strategies and track what helps your reach performance the most.

  • impressions

Represents the number of times your content appears to someone, including the same person — which differs from reach. If impressions are higher than reach, on social media, it’s probably because your content is being consulted several times, which is great.

Whenever your goal is to increase consumer awareness of your brand, prioritize impressions. When you consume someone’s content, what makes you view it over and over again? Would it be the relevant and how information is it? The design? Respond and apply the principles you discover, adapting to your audience preferably.

Following these tips to optimize your funnel top content, above all, can lower your CPA (Cost per Acquisition) by up to 56%. By driving your prospects from the top of the funnel, it becomes easier to convert them organically rather than based on ad clicks and financial cost.

Where to create top-of-the-funnel content

So far, you’ve realized that it’s possible to create top-of-the-funnel content:

  • on the social networks;
  • on blogs;
  • In email marketing.

What not everyone is aware of yet is that you can also attract customers with landing pages (LP) and advertisements, webinars and partnerships with influencers as well.

  • LP and ads

If you’re working with paid ads, landing pages are where you’ll be sending the most traffic, right? Thus, the best solution is to focus on a single message so that people who have never seen your content in their lives understand it at first glance and move up the sales funnel.

  • webinars

Educational webinars can be great sources of content and arouse the interest of your potential customers. Focusing on a persona problem, prioritize informative but dynamic content, as if it were a dialogue when planning the live.

  • Partnerships with influencers

If there is a group of people whose strength is reach, it is digital influencers. Added to this, periodically there are events that can be associated with your business and, normally, there is an influencer in the segment. Take advantage of these strategic moments and close co-marketing partnerships so that new audiences are reached with your content.

Tips for Creating Attractive Funnel Top Content

Now that you know why and where to put your energy into creating top-notch content, check out some tips for optimizing this process:

Avoid promoting your business

If you even mention your product or service in the first conversation, the content is no longer top-notch. But it also doesn’t turn into funnel content because the user isn’t qualified for it, so the strategy gets lost.

Try to be as clear as possible

When you meet a friend to share some news that happened to you, it is necessary to explain everything from the beginning and calmly, right? Think about this when producing your content for the top of the funnel. The target audience has not discovered your business yet, explain your message as best as possible.

Make life easier for the public

One of the best ways to be interesting on the internet is to help someone, making life easier for a user. What helps you on the internet? Most people like summary tables, lists, checklists of some more complex task to perform, question-taking posts, and so on.

Make content available to as many channels as possible

Do you really want to be discovered? So show up, list all the channels that there is a chance your audience will be present. But remember that each one has its own tips and attributes, review our guidelines above on where to create content and apply it to your chosen channels.

Producing funnel-top content is practically when you knock on a potential customer’s door. This material is what will determine whether a certain user will keep in contact with your brand or not, until buying something.