Free course: ready-made lesson plan and how to do it

Imagine recording a lesson for your free course without a ready-made ODL lesson plan. That would be unfeasible, isn’t it? It would take you hours to organize and record the class without prior planning.

Therefore, it is essential that you prepare this document before pressing the record button. In this way, it is possible to teach quality content to the students of your online course.

Remember that this plan must have a logical sequence of information, as well as present all the necessary data for recording the video lesson of your free course.

Therefore, the expected result can be achieved more easily. That’s because you have a detailed parameter to follow during the process of running your class.

If you want to know more about the process of preparing the lesson plan or even know this ready-made document. Continue reading this text and check out all the content we have separated for you. So here we go!

What is a lesson plan?

But, after all, what is a lesson plan? It is a document in which you record the planning of a class, that is, all the information that will guide the execution of the recording of a video class of your free course.

Generally, this document is composed by theme, objective, methodology, content, support materials, means of evaluation and references. Therefore, it is essential for you to be able to record lessons at the right time, as well as reduce recording errors.

Therefore, if you want to sell a quality online course to the market, you need to be concerned with making a complete lesson plan. In other words, it contains all the necessary information to guide both the instructor and the people who will help with the recording.

As we have seen, this document can be considered a roadmap for your online course to have quality classes. Thus, by having an EAD lesson plan ready, the chance for you to gain the trust of your students is much greater.

Therefore, it is easier to retain your customers and be able to sell other associated infoproducts, such as individual mentoring, a webinar, a consultancy, an ebook or even a new, more advanced online course.

Therefore, building an ODL lesson plan is essential for you to succeed in your digital business. Thinking about the importance of this topic, in the next topic we will explain how the process of preparing this document works. Come on!

How to make an ODL lesson plan?

Know your avatar

The first step in developing an ODL lesson plan is to analyze the avatar of the free course. This way, you can define the best teaching methodology, as well as the level of complexity of the content that will be taught.

Therefore, it is necessary to identify the profile of the students and their level of knowledge about the subject that will be covered in class. With this information in hand, you can start the process of preparing the lesson plan.

Define the topic of the lesson

The first element of this document is the theme, that is, what will be the subject covered in the class. Next, define the goal you hope to achieve by the end of the class. In this case, it can be related to the absorption of the content or the development of some skill.

Topics and methodology

The next step is to list the topics of content that will be taught in class. In this case, it is ideal to write them in a logical sequence. Once this is done, you need to choose the teaching methodology, that is, what will be the strategy used to pass on the content.

In that case, you can use microlearning, ie knowledge pills or video lessons with a longer time, for example. Remember that the choice of methodology must be made based on the profile of the target audience that the open course intends to reach.

Necessary resources

Next, it is necessary to register which resources are necessary for the realization of the class, that is, software, videos, audios, recording equipment, guests, among others.

Evaluation format

It is also necessary to inform how the evaluation of the students and the course content should be carried out, which can be the carrying out of activities, such as the creation of a mental map or the application of a test. Finally, you need to list the references that were used in the construction of the lesson.

Before seeing the ready-made lesson plan we’ve prepared, how about discovering the secret of courses that sell millions?

How is an ODL lesson plan ready?

As we have seen, the lesson plan is essential for you to have quality lessons in your open course. The construction of this document is simple, so you don’t have to worry about the complexity of this process.

With that in mind, we decided to present you a ready-made ODL lesson plan. Thus, it is possible to see in practice what information should be included in this document.

See our example, below:

Course Unravelling the secrets of the selection process
Instructor Maria da Silva
Theme Curriculum elaboration
goal Learn to make an attractive curriculum
Contents – Concept of curriculum;
– Types of resumes;
– Curriculum development process;
– Strategies for sending the resume.
teaching methodology Knowledge Pills (Microlearning)
Necessary resources – Professional camera;
– MIC;
– Notebook;
– Screen recording software;
– Video editing software.
Evaluation Deliver a text file with the resume ready
References KENNEDY, Joyce Lain. Resumes for laypersons. Rio de Janeiro: Alta Books, 2014.

See how easy it is to prepare this document? So, now you know what you need to do and you won’t waste time planning your online course classes. As this can make a difference in the quality of your final product.

Furthermore, whenever you have any questions about this process, you can return to our content to review it. That way, it’s easier to build a document that helps you record your video lessons.