Everything You Need to Know to Create Your Online Photography Course

Photography has been undergoing significant transformations since the 2000s. With the advent of digital, new camera models and new possibilities for photography emerged and, with that, came a great learning experience for everyone. If you want to know everything about creating a successful photography course, come with me!

Before digital photography, cameras were seen by most of the population only as a means of recording important moments. But, in most cases, they were seen as luxury items. Today, it is much easier to register any moment.

Be it analogue or digital, many people find it difficult to photograph well due to a lack of technical knowledge.

If you have this knowledge, how about having your own online photography course and making it your digital business? Many entrepreneurs even start their businesses as a form of extra income and then turn them into super-profitable companies.

Have you ever thought about undertaking with the knowledge you have and impacting a large number of people? Keep reading this article to learn more about how to develop this project.

Photography through time

If we analyze the word “photography”, more generally, it means “writing with light”. Therefore, lighting is super important for a good photo. Currently, with digital cameras, adjustments regarding light are much easier, but technical knowledge is required.

But make no mistake! I’m talking about digital as something recent, but digital cameras didn’t come out in the 2000s. They just became popular in that period. In 1975, American electrical engineer Steve Sasson created the first digital camera at Kodak. Despite this, Kodak was well known for the analogue film. Curious, isn’t it?

Despite the digital age, today analogue cameras are synonymous with “retro” and “vintage” style and are well valued, like Polaroids. Polaroid is an example of a company in the field of photography that knew how to reinvent itself in the market and continues to have market demand, even for a smaller and more select group.

Another factor that changed people’s behaviour towards photography was social media.

I’ve already talked about the diversity of analogue and digital devices, but it’s also important to point out the cameras on cell phones and the high number of photos posted on the internet.

Flickr emerged in 2004 as a photo hosting and sharing site, but it was with Instagram that photography became something more of everyday life. This is also because smartphones are increasingly technological and with more powerful cameras.

After this contextualization, let’s understand how these transformations impact online photography courses?

The current scenario for photography and the course market

The moment of growth in the distance learning market, digital businesses and the high consumption of social networks such as Instagram is very favourable to create an online photography course.

Mainly, because more and more people are looking to have a nice feed for personal or professional promotion.

In the case of professional promotion, a large part is due to digital entrepreneurship, in which Instagram and other social networks are used as a work tool.

Some professionals who have digital businesses have a team to help them not only with the bureaucratic part of managing this business, but also with the production of content. Others need to act on their own and do this work on their own.

There are also those people who are looking to enter the field of photography or already participate and want to improve themselves. And this audience already demands that different needs are met, right?

Well, that’s where you come with your online photography course to teach these audiences. Depending on your level of knowledge or the techniques you have mastered, you will be able to better serve a certain group of leads.

Therefore, you should ask yourself about these points to define what you are going to talk about and who you are going to talk to. Basics of photography for beginners? Photography at weddings? Studio rehearsals?

Regardless of the “theme” of the course, if not for beginners, the basics of photography will be present. But if the course is about wedding photography, you will certainly teach different techniques from studio rehearsals. The two environments have different lighting, scenery and other internal and external factors.

Even so, highlight what you know how to teach best so that you are more likely to become a reference and an authority on the subject. Specify the topic and do not address it in general, as this way your course will be just another one on the market.

Why create an online photography course?

Still not convinced that, if you have the necessary knowledge, creating an online photography course is a good opportunity?

Well then let’s explore this market further and understand other reasons and benefits so you can make that decision and get started with your online course project safely.

In addition to some of the more “obvious” opportunities and reasons I mentioned, there is also the question of the general cost of a traditional photography course, which is usually face-to-face. And in addition to including the price of the course, the cost of equipment – ​​which are not cheap –, there is also the cost of travel that must be considered.

Offering an online photography course can be very advantageous for the student in this regard, as he can weigh the cost of both modalities in the balance and opt for online.

We must also consider another factor: photography is not accessible for everyone. It is not easy to find such a course in a very remote place in Brazil, for example. But as long as there is an easily accessible computer and internet, this barrier is broken. Therefore, you are more likely to reach a greater number of people.

With this, even if learning the basics in an online photography course, the student will feel more encouraged to practice what he learned in theory. After all, what is the use of all the learned technique if it is not put into practice to go on being perfect?

See how it’s possible to work with photography without necessarily being a photographer? But as it was said in this article, it is necessary to have the knowledge of a professional so that you can create your photography course, ok?