Everything you need to know to create a webinar

How many of the digital entrepreneurs you know have broadcast a webinar? Unlike a simple live, this transmission involves more knowledge, even more by using a slideshow.

HubSpot, along with Wyzowl, a video marketing company, found that 87% of companies were using videos in marketing in 2020, with that percentage being 63% in 2017 and 81% in 2018. One of the most pertinent versions of video is the webinar.

Also, audiovisual content is generally more dynamic and easier to absorb for most people. However, if, by chance, someone in your audience prefers to read the materials, just provide a transcript of the presentation.

Convinced that not only is it possible, but how should you include the webinar as a strategy to generate leads? Understand!

Why You Should Use a Webinar to Capture Leads?

More trust and authority

Positioning yourself digitally in a presentation, around 61 minutes, gives the impression of a knowledge entrepreneur, who has baggage to share with people.

Also, showing who you are in this way helps people to trust you and, thus, decide to close the purchase of the product or service. In the webinar, there is a lot of dialogue: by the interaction between the audience it and when the audience asks and you answer. Absolutely everything can be clarified, unlike reading and unilaterally interpreting an e-book or infographic.

Attracting good quality leads

Visitors who take the trouble to sign up for your webinar, mark the date and time on the agenda, and attend the event are naturally more responsive and interested in your solution.

Furthermore, the reciprocity trigger is quite successful when we talk about webinars. Many have a perception that the event is big and demanding for the producer, so they can’t resist sharing data with him.

Availability of different webinar formats

In addition to being a complete infoproduct, you can do it in an unprecedented way in at least three types:

  • Educational webinar: is the type of broadcast in which your goal is to solve one or more leads’ problems, and even when the title of the webinar is “how to…” the presence of subscribers tends to be higher.
  • Case Studies: Since the leads who attend your webinar are at a more advanced stage of the sales funnel, they are interested in the product’s ROI and overall benefits, which is well presented in the study format. Case.
  • Product demo: for the same reason as above, potential customers, already aware of your business, are more interested in the details of using the product or service, which a demo perfectly satisfies.

Possibility of generating other materials

After the event is over, you still haven’t completely extinguished it. You can distribute or sell the transcript, leverage the comments and feedback you gave during the event to create new material, turn the presentation itself into posts.

Just cut the entire video at strategic times, such as when you talk about some stats or even create audio clips. Shred this larger material into several smaller ones and thus multiply your digital baits.

How to capture leads with a webinar?

Identify your audience

The only way you can solve your potential customer’s problem or detail your product or service and reveal relevant functionality about it, is to know that lead. You can collect this information from existing customers, or through online and dynamic social media surveys.

Something that few people do to identify the audience is to find customers who bought the same products or, at least, similar solutions to the ones you intend to promote in the webinar. This can make you understand which tone of voice or placement they prefer the most.

Create your own landing page for a webinar

It is on the capture page that your visitors will be motivated to watch the webinar. You need to have good reasons for them to take the time to watch your content.

Therefore, the landing page cannot be missing: a clear and objective title, a Meta description that attracts, a short video that excites the visitor and briefly explains what the broadcast will be, text focused on advantage with a CTA, proofs social and relevant information from your resume. Finally, don’t forget to create a sense of urgency by limiting seats and emphasizing that the lecture will be free.

Receive a guest at the event

The reception of a guest in a webinar can be used as a surprise effect for your audience, as it can attract part of the guest’s audience. Either way, you can get more leads.

It is noteworthy that this guest must necessarily have a similar audience or, at least, have a complementary solution to yours. Also, search for this guest. The best thing is that he already has a history of producing valuable content, so he won’t be a person who just takes up space in your broadcast.

Follow up with emails

Most subscribers to your webinar will only want to watch the replay and that recorded file is part of the follow-up (or follow-up). This strategy is a plausible reason to send a few emails to your lead without appearing inconvenient, after all, if they signed up for your broadcast, it’s because they’re interested in what you have to say.

Please take the opportunity to talk again about the webinar offer, as the lead may not have watched at the time you announced it live. That way, you nurture your leads and gain more chances of conversion.

The webinar is a video strategy not as fully explored as it should be, although the data does state how effective video marketing is. So find your audience, prepare a specific landing page, broadcast your presentation and follow your leads.