Dissemination of online courses: learn how to do it

It is not enough to create an info product, it is necessary to learn how to advertise the course online. Remember: those who are not seen are not remembered. Therefore, advertising your digital product to people through the Internet is essential for you to be able to sell it.

With this in mind, we decided to separate in this text the main dissemination strategies that can be used in the case of courses. Want to know what they are? So, read on and check it out!

How to advertise online courses

Are you prepared to know the dissemination strategies? So don’t waste time! Follow our content and don’t forget to put it into practice to win over many students. Come on!

Create a landing page

To promote your course online, it is essential to create a landing page, also known as a conversion page. That way you can get your audience’s attention. This page should contain eye-catching content and a design with contrasts that favor decision-making by the people who are viewing it.

In addition, you must offer a free digital reward in exchange for filling out a form with key contact details such as name, email and phone number. Thus, you can turn simple visitors into leads, that is, people who may be interested in your info product.

These rewards can be free classes, webinars, eBooks, document templates, presentations or lectures. It is important that they have content aligned with the online course you intend to sell. In other words, it’s like a small sample of what people will be able to enjoy if they buy your product.

Find out how to create a free landing page?

Stream lives and webinars

Another way to promote online courses is through lives and webinars. Through them, you can demonstrate to your audience that you master the content, that is, that you are an expert in the course’s topic. In this way, it is possible to gain people’s trust and, consequently, the sales process becomes easier.

Lives can be broadcast via social networks, while webinars need support software, such as Zoom or Google Meet. In both cases, you only need a computer or a cell phone with Internet access to be able to transfer the content.

It’s worth noting that during the broadcast you have the opportunity to chat with your audience live. This greatly enriches the content, as well as making room for her to ask questions about the topic and the course since at the end of the live or webinar you will launch your infoproduct.

Create a blog

Just like the live and the webinar, the blog helps to build your authority on the Internet, in other words, it makes your audience recognize you as an expert in the topic of your course. This helps a lot to gain trust, as well as spurs potential customers to join your sales funnel.

On this blog you need to post top, middle and bottom funnel content that has a direct or indirect relationship with your online course. Don’t forget to take into account your avatar’s characteristics, pains and desires, as they need to be present in your content.

Otherwise, your audience will not identify with your texts and, consequently, they will stop following your blog. Remember that your content needs to be a hook, that is, an attraction for people to be interested in your course. It’s as if the infoproduct were more advanced content.

Use and abuse social media

You can use social media both organically and paid. In the first case, produce relevant content for your avatar that is related to the course, as well as present videos with excerpts from your lessons to generate curiosity.

As we mentioned before, it is also possible to make lives in order to launch your infoproduct. This helps to increase your audience as well as provides greater interaction with people interested in your digital product.

As for paid media, you can create ads talking about the course or even with digital rewards linked to the landing page to obtain contact information. In this way, you can nurture these leads with email marketing that is, with extra content so that they are even more interested in your online course.

Send email marketing

When you use landing page as an online course dissemination strategy, it is possible to obtain the contact information of people interested in your info product. From that moment on, you need to start nurturing them with email marketing, that is, a series of content that drives leads to go through your sales funnel until they make a purchase.

These emails need to be attractive, so they should have thought-provoking titles and text with intimate language. That’s because you need to build a relationship with your leads. This way, the sales process happens more easily.

There are several tools on the market that help trigger these emails. There are even courses hosting platforms that have this service included. Therefore, remember to check this feature before hiring your platform.

Use social proofs

Human beings need social care, that is, they are more likely to buy products or services that other people have already used and liked. Therefore, social tests are very useful when promoting your course online.

To do this, ask your former students to record a video or text with your testimony. That way, you can publish them on social media, blog, landing page, as well as show them on live or webinar.

Another way to show social tests is to present the number of people who have already taken the course, the number of people enrolled and the level of satisfaction. This information can appear on the landing page as well as on the infoproduct page.

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