Decoration Programs – 9 Good Suggestions to watch in quarantine

Being at home can be quite an exercise for the brain. Thinking of new ways to spend your time, in addition to managing your chores better, can make quarantine a productive and interesting season.

And, thinking of improving the aesthetic sense of our readers – in addition to giving good suggestions for movies and series to watch in quarantine – that’s why we produced this post.

The content of the series and movies is aimed at those who are thinking about renovating the house or changing the decor. It takes inspiration for this kind of change to work and come out the way we wanted. And that’s what we’re going to work on in this article.

Check out the 09 suggestions for decorating movies and series to watch in quarantine, and make your plans to apply new ideas as soon as possible!

#01 – Decoration Wizards

This Netflix decor series debuted last year. It tells the story of aspiring designers who have the unlikely mission of transforming spaces considered “dull” into incredible environments. Of course, to make things more exciting, the transformation is worth an important contract with one of the most important hotels in London.

#02 – Retirement at Low, Bill at High

In this Netflix decorating series, we follow the adventures of designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer. The series shows how to turn rental properties into real sources of income.

In addition to the valuable lessons about decoration, and the inspiration they bring to life, it is also possible to begin to better understand the nuances of the real estate market and how the appreciation of a property is linked to its renovation and decoration.

The series has a season and is among the top nominations for series to watch in quarantine.

#03 – Order in the House with Marie Kondo

Speaking of top series nominations to watch in quarantine, another key series that falls into the lifestyle and decor category is definitely Marie Kondo’s. The trailer you can check here.

A renowned specialist in housekeeping, the Japanese professional puts order in people’s homes and brings inspiration to their lives. Applying oriental techniques and ancient teachings, she helps clients through order and tidying have a place to call home.

The important point here is that, through effective arrangement and organization, it is possible to enhance the existing decoration in different spaces. Valuing the property and ensuring a new face for the home in the midst of the pandemic.

#04 – Grand Designs

The Netflix decor series “Grand Designs” joins our list for two big reasons: the first is its valuable potential to show off different decorations and unique designs, and the second is precisely the inspiration to see people who have built their own homes!

That, at least, is the mission of presenter Kevin McCloud when visiting people who have this ambitious project of building their own homes. The series shows each step of the projects in two seasons.

#05 – Abstract – The Art of Design

Talking about general design and, mainly, series and decoration programs is fundamental to get some inspiration and creativity for your property. Now, have you ever stopped to think about how design influences not only your home, but your life as a whole?

This is the intention of the series “Abstract – The art of design”, which in two seasons shows how the most innovative designs in the world think. In addition to putting some light on how your work affects different areas.

Check out the trailer here.

#06 – Minimalism

Another movie tip to watch in quarantine is “minimalism”, a documentary that addresses the happiness brought about by material goods. Now, what does this have to do with design, or decorating program tips?

Simple! We have fresh content on micro-apartments and home offices that include this type of decoration here, here and here. The great point of the documentary is precisely to reflect on this type of lifestyle and how it can serve as an inspiration even for your home.

#07 – Incredible inside

Full quarantine, and what else do people do these days? Stay indoors, of course! And to inspire our readers, follow this series on decoration to watch especially in the quarantine.

“Incredible inside” tells the story of people whose house is described as a real box of surprises. Even the decoration with giant aquariums and lots of color! The teaser of the series can be seen here.

#08 – The Most Extraordinary Houses in the World

This 2019 series is perhaps the nomination with the most seasons on our list. In its three seasons, architect Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin – an actress with a passion for architecture – explore the world of extraordinary homes.

In addition to a unique architecture, the buildings go further, even exploring external elements as a way of inspiring unconventional designs. This decoration program tip is special for those who like to marathon design and decoration series on free weekends.

The trailer you can check here.

#09 – Tiny House Movement

The “Tiny House movement” also works with the minimalist lifestyle and the enhancement of functional spaces. John Wels Barth and Zack Griffin roam the United States of America, helping families exchange huge houses for smaller but functional spaces.

All personalized and full of amazing ideas to inspire you when redecorating your home. In addition to bringing to the public moving life stories. Both seasons of the series, as well as all other titles, can be checked out on Netflix. A taste of what’s to come can be seen here.