Christmas decoration 2021: ideas for decorating the house!

The end of the year is coming and with it the Christmas decorations to leave the house already prepared for this very special day. That’s why we at Ao Cubo digital real estate will tell you how to decorate for Christmas 2021 to leave your home with more personality and the most current trends. Check it out below!

Christmas decoration 2021

Decorating for Christmas 2021 is one of the most popular themes on the internet because people want to tidy up their homes to receive family and friends on one of the most beautiful dates of the year.

The good thing about Christmas decoration is that it can be made by yourself anywhere in your property, be it a house, apartment or micro-ape . Also, even those who don’t want to spend a lot of money can enjoy last year’s decorations or save on Christmas decor with few resources. Check out!

When to start decorating for Christmas?

Many people are afraid to start decorating their home with Christmas ornaments because they think it’s too soon or too late, but we’ll help you with this task.

As Christmas is a biblical date, then according to Christian traditions, the indicated day to start with the assembly of the Christmas tree is the first Sunday of Advent, that is, the 29th of November.

The best day to set up the nativity scene is also on this date, the fourth Sunday before Christmas, so you can do all the Christmas decorations in your house on the same day.

Just as there is a date indicated to assemble the tree, there is also a date to dismantle the Christmas ornaments: January 6th.

What are Christmas ornaments?

If you want to know what Christmas decorations you can use in your home, then follow our tips to leave your home with the perfect Christmas decoration. Look!

  • Doorway Christmas ornaments 2021

Who live in apartments can put a beautiful Christmas wreath on the front door to inspire the Christmas spirit in the visits as soon as they enter.

three brown fruits on gray textile

For home dwellers, the tip is to decorate the gate with a flasher to make the street look brighter and more Christmaslike.

  • Christmas table decorations 2021

One of the most anticipated moments of Christmas is the midnight supper, so it’s only fair to leave the table prettier for this date.

Invest in towels, objects, dishes and other accessories in red, silver and gold tones, official Christmas colors.

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  • Christmas tree ornaments 2021

As every beautiful Christmas tree needs decorations, so this year will not be different, but it can be bolder with different shapes, models and colors.

If you prefer the traditional Christmas tree, choose the ornament kits with mini Santa Claus, pine trees, gift boxes, Santa’s boots, among others.

Christmas tree with decor lot

  • Christmas decorations for wall 2021

The walls of your house can also have beautiful Christmas decorations with flashing lights, decorations that create Christmas designs, personalized frames with photos of this celebration in other years, among others.

Use your imagination and creativity to make the walls of your home more decorated for the most beautiful date of the year.

Glowing numbers on a dark wall Premium Photo

  • Christmas ornaments for windows 2021

The traditional blinkers can be placed in the windows to make your home stand out from the eyes of people passing by on the street and visitors on Christmas Day.

In addition to flashing lights, garlands, Santa Claus doll trying to climb through the window or socks hanging to receive sweets on December 25th can also be placed.

How to make Christmas decorations in 2021?

The Christmas 2021 decoration can be the way you want it, but the difference lies in the choice of decorations and the style of the décor. So, to help you in this task, we are going to give you some tips for making your Christmas decoration style . Check out!

  1. small pine trees

How about changing the decoration of a traditional tree for an assembly of several small pine trees? It will definitely be a different decor that will impact people.

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  1. pine christmas tree

The real and traditional Christmas tree is made from a huge pine tree that can be purchased at this time of year in some stores or with the option of an artificial pine tree very similar to the original wooden one.

green-leafed tree in room

  1. tree over travel bags

A trick to make the decoration of the place of the Christmas tree more personalized is to use old suitcases that can be used to support the tree, giving a retro touch to the decoration.

Retro Clock, Suitcases, Christmas Tree Decorations | Premium Photo

  1. small christmas tree

Everyone can decorate the house with Christmas decorations , even in small apartments or micro-apartments, just use a small Christmas tree that doesn’t take up much space and can be placed in the living room.

  1. rustic christmas tree

Those who like a more rustic decoration can use a box (from a fair or bought at a store) to make the environment simpler and more cool, if you prefer, you can paint the box in the color you like best.

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  1. Craft Christmas Tree 

Craft trees can be made with paper, newspaper, magazine sheets, pet bottles, among other objects often used in manual arts. They can be done by you through internet tutorials.

How to decorate a Christmas tree spending little?

We will show you that it is possible to make different Christmas arrangements for little money, since at the end of the year we have a lot of expenses with gifts, shopping and other expenses at that time.

There are several tutorials on the internet that teach Christmas ornaments that are easy to make and that don’t cost a lot of money, like the string snowman.

You will need 2 balloons to fill them in different sizes: a bigger one (body) and a smaller one (head).

Then pass a strand of white string over the bladders in a misaligned way and without covering all the spaces. Use glue to glue the strings together. Then pierce the balloons and remove them and assemble the snowman’s face the way you prefer.