Children’s Day 2021: 8 tips to build a beautiful children’s room at home

Children’s Day 2021 is approaching. With that, our thoughts focus on the best gift for our little ones, right? After all, we always want to get this choice right.

But what if this time the gift was a complete children’s room? An environment in the house totally dedicated to children.

With this idea in mind, we brought this post to help you plan this corner. Thus, you will find safe decorating tips, and planned organization for both games and studies, and of course, for rest as well. So, follow the reading and check it out!

How to set up a room for children

A child’s bedroom should be planned, thinking mainly about their development and well-being. In this way, she will feel safe to explore new knowledge, in an environment with which she identifies and feels good. See what to do to get the project right:

  1. Good use of the environment

If the children’s room is going to be built from scratch, choosing a room in the house in which it will be built is the first step in the process. But if it’s a renovation, it’s equally important to explore the whole environment well.

For this, knowing the size of the room’s footage is critical to designing the best layout. So, you can make planned furniture and enjoy every available space. In addition, if the room is small and there is a need, it is possible to optimize the space with a bunk bed or bunk bed, for example.

Don’t forget to think carefully about spaces dedicated to games and studies. Ideally, they should be arranged separately.

Another important point is to analyze whether the environment needs repairs, such as plaster lining, changes in outlets, whether the walls are in good condition to receive painting, etc.

  1. Colors bring the room to life

To get this Children’s Day 2021 gift right, you need to choose the ideal colors to paint the children’s room. And while this is a very personal choice of taste, some tips are right on target.

The biggest one is betting on neutral tones for the walls, and vibrant details in the decor. That’s because the neutral and timeless colors are ideal to accompany children’s growth. Not to mention that they also make the decor more flexible to change over time, as you just have to tinker with the details.

Other good choices are to make one of the walls with playful painting, or wallpaper, and also bet on colors in the furniture, which can make the room even more beautiful and fun.

Taking into account the child’s temperament is also important when choosing room colors. So it is possible to bet on tones that bring calm, comfort, among other sensations that will be good for the little ones.

  1. Attention when choosing furniture

When choosing furniture for a children’s room, in addition to filtering by beauty, it is also essential to pay attention to safety points.

Therefore, prioritize furniture that is resistant and with a good finish, that do not have sharp edges, for example, because they can hurt the little ones. Lockable drawers can also be a good option for younger children as they become more secure.

Remembering that when distributing furniture, it is very important to keep it away from the window, which must also be screened to avoid any accidents.

In addition, other details make the environment even safer for children, such as a sturdy mirror and a door without a lock on the inside.

  1. bed style

Currently, there is no shortage of options for different styles of children’s bedding, is there? It has a bed that looks like a cabin, others with a slide, a Montessori bed, and the traditional bunk beds or bunk beds.

Choosing the most suitable for your child’s stage is very important, as it will be the child’s resting and resting place. In the case of bunk beds and bunk beds, they are good choices for a shared room, or to receive friends to sleep at home.

  1. Types of Lighting

You also need to pay close attention to room lighting. For this, dimmable lamps (with adjustable light) are a good option, as they can be adjusted as needed.

The lamp is also an option to answer night calls, for example.

  1. Abuse of organizers

Organizers are indispensable allies in children’s bedrooms. After all, this room also becomes a playroom, doesn’t it?

Be they shelves, niches, shelves, baskets or chests, these items help organize toys and other items as well, such as children’s books.

So, in this gift for Children’s Day 2021, don’t leave out several options of organizers for the little ones to be responsible for tidying up the mess.

  1. Long term solutions

Children grow up in the blink of an eye. Therefore, investing in long-term solutions is one of the best options for decorating a children’s room. 

So opt for two-in-one furniture that can be used when your child grows up. Like, for example, a dresser can become a desk when you reach the study stage.

Counting on the help of architects at this time can be essential to find the best solutions for your space and your needs.

  1. Don’t forget about the child’s personality

Every child has their own personality, which must be respected. And when designing a room for her as a 2021 Children’s Day gift, this is no different.

The child’s tastes not only can, but should be explored in the decoration. Music, sports, dance, animals, and a multitude of other options can make up this corner that is all dedicated to her.

At this time, many parents tend to choose a theme they are fans of, but it is important to remember that the child’s room is the child’s, and what matters is what he or she likes.

So, did you like this Children’s Day gift idea? Without a doubt, it is an unforgettable gift! Now check out more tips to build other rooms in the house, browsing the blog.