Buy or Rent – ​​Find out how to choose the best option

Real estate is a topic that causes doubts in everyone. These are usually questions regarding the location, or standard and quality of the property, investment and the like. However, one of the champion subjects in research is whether you should buy or rent a property.

Regardless of the footage, or all the other factors that might influence your decision, this is the question that will always haunt your thoughts, sometimes even after you’ve already made your decision.

This is because the dilemma between buying a property and renting encompasses absolutely all the factors that could be considered when taking this grand step.

So, thinking of helping you, we have selected some key points so that you can have a little more peace of mind when choosing which of the options you will embrace. Remember, too, that this is not a post focused on the financial side, so don’t expect to see accounts going forward.

Planning – Starting at the base can give you a good view of the whole

As with everything else in life, the decision to buy or rent a property must be made through detailed, firm and decisive planning. We know that if you are reading this text, you are a person who cares about this, because you are doing your own homework on the topic.

The basis of your planning should start with the size of your family. It may be obvious, but many people don’t consider family size a priority when buying or renting, and this can make a big difference to your decision.

The size of the family indicates not only the configuration needed for the property, but also the level of comfort that people will have when renting or buying the apartment or house in question.

Generally, the logic applied at the beginning is the following: the smaller the family and the greater the space, the tendency is for more comfort, while the larger the family and the smaller the space, the less comfort there is.

Comfort – Clearly define your point of view on the subject

Basically, and according to Google, comfort can be understood as material well-being that leads to a satisfied physical comfort. So the above thought is certainly valid.

However, other factors can be linked to your comfort when buying or renting. The choice involves thinking about the number of rooms, the total size, location, safety, comfort, and other themes that are specific to your life.

But mostly what comfort is for you. Although many people think about the size of the property, sometimes, comfort for you is being in a quiet neighborhood, with an atmosphere of safe conviviality.

Other times, the uninterrupted bustle of large cities can be the adrenaline that makes your day move forward, putting another pace in your life and thus giving you comfort, knowing that you are being active over time.

Define well what comfort is for you, and always think of other family members when making your decision. A space that serves everyone – even if it is more difficult to find – brings greater satisfaction and leads to a better quality of life.

Professional Perspective – How a change of scenery can lead you to other paths

We know that most people choose to buy or rent a house or apartment, based on their professional perspectives. Today, many professionals have to distance themselves from their families in order to live close to work.

This is because the work centers within the city of São Paulo are more dynamic. Companies with no option to open offices in the central region, for example, opt for neighborhoods that today have good visibility and that are not central, such as Vila Olympia and Pinero’s.

These, in turn, attract thousands of workers who, eager for an opportunity, agree to rent a property in the region. In addition to gaining a better quality of life, some advantages are:

# Greater mobility in case of exit or job transfer

# Adaptability with respect to monthly income

# Flexibility in the acquisition of movable property, such as a car or motorcycle

# saving time and physical and mental effort on commuting to and from work

However, another option presents itself to those who, for example, are starting their businesses. Those who start a business and set up an office already have a different financial perspective regarding the rent, since the company works with them.

In this case, perhaps the best option would be to purchase a property, since the personal and professional life of this entrepreneur is linked – in a much deeper way – to the company, than the lives of its employees.

Personality and Personal Fulfillment – ​​Often it’s not just about financial security

Financial security is important. With the instability of the professional market, many still value their own property, so that they can have the security of an asset acquired and paid off.

This security can also be interpreted on an emotional side. Imagine that you have an excellent routine from your point of view and are happy with where you are, but that you need to move suddenly because the property owner has lost his job and wants to liquidate the equity.

This unwanted change affects your life as a whole, which brings you the advantages of, for example, buying a property, such as:

# Acquisition of assets for future generations

# saving an extra expense, in this case, the rent

# Independence from third parties for fundamental decisions in your life

# Projection security of your future expenses and finances

Of course, these advantages are based on the ideal factor in the purchase of a property, which in this case is its payment, and as the name says, property is something stable, while the rent represents a certain mobility.

Our main tip with this text, then, is to always observe who you are and how you live your life. After you analyze well, and realize what kind of person you are, what moment in life you are, and what your needs are, then the steps taken will be going to a more certain destination.