Apartment on Instagram: Interview about decoration with influencer


Who knew we would have “neighbors” online, right? There are several apartment profiles on Instagram that open the doors of their homes to all their followers on the internet. We at AoCubo real estate talked to an influencer in this segment that is dominating the networks more and more. Check it out below!

Apartment profile on Instagram

Apartment profiles on Instagram have become a rage in recent years. Thousands of people create accounts on the exclusive social network to show everything about their apartment.

Many of these accounts gain multiple followers who follow the decorating tips, makeovers, Do It Yourself and other related topics.

Assiduous followers follow the routine of these apartment profiles on Instagram and identify themselves in many situations, especially when they are also decorating and renovating their properties.

Interview: apartment decoration on Instagram – profile @apartamento031

To find out how this content creation works, we spoke with influencer and digital content creator Paola Alves who has an apartment profile on Instagram called @apartamento031.

Paola and her husband Vinícius take care of this profile full of decorating tips in a light way and with a very Pinterest touch.

Little by little, the couple shows how to do something for the home where they live every day, at every step and with a lot of love. Then read the interview with Paola below!

 How did the idea of sharing your apartment on Instagram come about?

Paola from @apartamento031: The idea came about because I’ve always loved decor, I had folders and more decor folders on Pinterest and followed many Instagrams from this segment. I always showed Vinicius ideas, since we were at the stage of looking for an apartment to buy. One day he turned to me and said, “Since you like it so much, why not create one and share your ideas?” And so @apartamento031 was born.

I started by sharing ideas of what I liked and intended to do and today I share decorating tips, my routine and everything that encompasses this universe.

 Have you always been interested in Instagram apartment accounts?

Paola from @apartment031: I’ve always been interested! Since before they existed. It all started back in the days of the blogs I followed and the decorations called my attention more than any other subject. Ah! And on Pinterest, which was and is until today where I save everything I find and love!

 What are the main tips for those who want to have an apartment decorated like yours?

Paola from @apartamento031: The main tips are: a lot of focus and patience! The decor won’t be complete overnight. It’s a construction, a little ant’s work. Searching for references, keeping an eye out for store news and finding your own style is also essential, as it makes it easier to focus on finding the things you like the most.

 Tell us how you make the content to promote your apartment on Instagram.

Paola from @apartamento031: Everything starts from an idea, an inspiration or questions from the followers. I jot it down and assemble it into a list to produce over the months. I like to research the subjects I’m going to cover to pass on the correct information, I try to keep myself updated about video editing, photos and new tools to always take something well produced and quality.

 Where does the inspiration for this perfect decor for Pinterest come from? 

Paola from @apartamento031: The inspiration comes from many different places! Everything becomes inspiration: things I see on Pinterest, Instagram, places I go, colors I see… I consume a lot of content related to decoration, I always research and I like to be well informed about trends and news. This helps a lot!

 Is it possible to save and decorate the house?

Paola from @apartamento031: It’s certainly possible. We save a lot! Our brick wall is proof of that. As we didn’t have the money to hire someone to do it, we got down to business and made it ourselves, brick by brick. It was fun and much more economical!

 What are your followers’ feedbacks about your content?

Paola from @apartamento031: I get a lot of feedback every day, but most of it is related to how we face this whole stage of renovation and decoration: very lightly, patiently and calmly. So, the messages I get are from followers saying that I inspired them not to give up because I show that everything has its time and that it can take time, but achievements happen!

Where does your knowledge about the tips you share come from?

Paola from @apartamento031: My knowledge comes from a lot of research. As I am not a professional in the area, I always try to understand the subject so as not to pass on wrong information, this is essential. I see lots of videos, websites, articles and posts to keep me informed.

 When did you realize that your Instagram started to be successful?

Paola from @apartamento031: I noticed when we were at the mall and two women passed by looking at us a lot and whispering. I found it super weird, I wondered if I knew them from somewhere and even thought there was something wrong with me. A bean in the tooth, a toilet paper hanging, you know? LOL!

After I got home, I checked the Instagram messages and there was her message: “I saw you at the mall and I was embarrassed to talk to you”. It was from that moment that I thought: “Wow! The thing is getting bigger than I imagined”.

 What types of content do your followers like the most?

Paola from @apartamento031: They are very fond of tutorials, informative posts, routine videos and tips on decoration in general.

 Which post was most successful and why?

Paola from @apartamento031: The most successful post is a very recent post about the arrival of kitchen furniture. As I shared all the steps from before handing over the apartment, going through the renovation and the whole process of moving without the furniture, their arrival is a moment long awaited by the followers.