A chat on Instagram of architecture


The most talked about subjects on the internet in recent years are about decoration, architecture and renovation. After all, we never spend so much time indoors, right? So if you’re always looking for inspiration for your home on social media, then you need to check out our chat with a Business Architect who has an architecture Instagram that shares lots of tips. Check out!

Architecture instagram

An architectural Instagram is a type of account profile on the current social network, which has photos, videos, Reels, Stories, among other content sharing purposes.

That’s why we at the digital real estate agency Audubon talked to Daniely Sales (@danisalesarquitetura ), an Entrepreneurial Architect, who shares content with architectural tips for her followers to be inspired by! See how this conversation went, below!

How did your passion for architecture start?

Daniely Sales: I usually say that I’ve always appreciated the forms of expression through art as a whole, I’ve always had a passion for drawing, music, theater and I’ve practiced these modalities a lot, in an amateur way and the latter professionally.

Besides, I always loved to appreciate the beautiful buildings and the interior of the houses I used to frequent without even knowing what architecture was. I liked to imagine what could be done beyond what was seen, I liked to see how each place was different according to who lived there and when I got to know the architecture I had no doubts about what I wanted to do.

Architecture for me is a mixture of everything I know and consider as art, in addition to the uniqueness that it has in being able to express through the eyes of the architect what the other person sees as essential for them to feel happy in the space in which they live.

How is your creation process?

Daniely Sales: The creation process starts from the interview with the client, where I manage to extract from him beyond his most explicit desires, that desire he didn’t even know he had.

With this interview I can understand the tastes, the routine, everything that is necessary to actually start creating the project and being able to meet the real needs of the client. After the interview, I go to the role.

I don’t have much of a pattern, sometimes I start sketching by hand and sometimes I start sketching on the computer myself. Sometimes I like to put on a good Rock and Roll and sometimes I prefer silence, the important thing is to get it flowing.

How do you define your style in architecture?

Daniely Sales: I believe the modern. I love the minimalist, industrial even Scandinavian style. In my projects the tendency is to find a mixture of these styles in colors and materials, so there will always be the use of black, white, woody and some color point!

I really like to mix woodwork with a bit of metalwork. I can say that they are projects with a touch of simplicity without leaving aside creativity, daring and sophistication.

Who are you inspired by in your field?

Daniely Sales: The first name that always comes to my mind when talking about inspiration in architecture is the architect Mauricio Aruba , in addition to admiring the projects, I also admire the person. I can’t fail to mention Patricia from Dome Arquitetura, who is wonderful, always sure of everything she does, not to mention her excellence in the works!

And speaking of project style, the duo Luana and Carla from Arquitetando Ideias are great references for me, without a doubt their projects are a lot of inspiration around here. The famous “I want projects like this when I grow up” kk

What challenges do you face in the market today?

Daniely Sales: Definitely being an entrepreneur, this is the most challenging part. I grew up with my mind totally focused on CLT, I always studied with the objective of getting a good job in a good company and after I graduated I came across the need to undertake architecture and from there I needed to learn a lot, learn many other things besides being a good architect and know how to design.

It’s been scary, but it’s also been very rewarding. Every day I learn something new and I already see a great evolution since the day I decided to enter this entrepreneurial world until today.

Why did you decide to do an Instagram on this subject?

Daniely Sales: We can’t deny that the calling card in today’s world is Instagram , right? The first thing people want to see when they meet you is your Instagram. It’s a wonderful Marketing and Engagement tool. People can follow you more closely and so feel safer too.

My Instagram was born before I started an entrepreneur and graduated, but there I already brought issues related to Architecture and Renovation sharing the renovation of my first apartment and today I share the projects and renovations of my clients.

What tips do you give to other professional colleagues who want to work on the internet?

Daniely Sales: I’m not an expert on the subject and I’m also in need of tips KKK, but if I can say anything it’s: just start!

What is the feedback from your followers about your content?

Daniely Sales: My followers seem to be shyer, they like to interact more through stories and direct, I get a lot of messages there and the interaction is usually better there too! The Feedback is always very good, and the affection is super cool.

What types of posts do followers like the most?

Daniely Sales: Around here, people like it a lot when I teach something and when I appear in posts, the return on these posts in particular is the greatest. I believe they feel closer.

What are the next trends in architecture?

Daniely Sales: In this moment of pandemic people were able to see and understand better their homes, their real needs and I believe that the trend has been and will continue to be to really invest in living well.

People today are able to perceive and appreciate the real importance of living well, of having a home that really suits them, that is comfortable, that is a place of real refuge.