9 Realtor Books You Should Read Now

We know that the real estate market is a very complex sector, and that it requires a series of specific knowledge from professionals. In this sense, as it is not always easy to find good references, having some books for real estate agents can make all the difference.

In these works, you will be able to find an important variety of information and tips, which will give you a much greater foundation so that you can not only gain more customers, but also better understand this very interesting medium.

To help you with that, in this post we’ll see which titles can’t be missing from your bookshelf and headboard. Interested? So, keep reading and check it out!

Realtor Books

1. The Bible Sales s, Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer is a renowned international speaker and expert in negotiations. And, although his work is not so specific to the real estate sector, it is still interesting for any professional who needs to deal with the public and depends on sales to survive.

“The Sales Bible” has some commandments to succeed as a salesperson, and it’s filled with very practical and straightforward tips for winning over potential buyers. Applying these tips in your day to day, the broker has everything to improve your results and achieve excellent profits at the end of the month!

2. Real Estate Brokerage A to Z, by Ari Travassos

This book is one of the most popular in the real estate market, and it is an excellent option for those who want to improve their knowledge in the sector — especially for professionals who are just starting their careers. A must-read for anyone who wants to be a reference in the profession one day.

The author, Ari Travassos, has a lot of experience in the market and has already written other important books on the subject (we’ll see more of him here, in fact).

Its language is simple and straightforward, which is excellent for anyone who needs to learn and become familiar with the various technical terms we find in contracts or legal and tax documents, so common in this career.

3. Realtor: sales consultant, by Wamberto Fernandes

Much more than a mere salesperson, the realtor needs to be a true sales consultant for his clients. And that’s exactly what Wamberto Fernandes tries to teach professionals in this interesting reading “Real estate agent: sales consultant”.

The work shows, in a didactic way, how fundamental it is to understand the customer’s needs in order to be able to offer the most adequate and attractive options, in order to conclude the transactions naturally.

In addition, the book also deals with the importance of preparation to keep up with the dynamism of the sector, emphasizing that it is essential to relate.

4. This is how it’s done: buying and selling real estate, by Ari Travassos

“This is how it’s done: buying and selling real estate” is another work by Ari Travassos — a writer who, as we’ve already said, has a lot of theoretical and practical foundation.

Throughout these pages, we can see the importance that labor specialization plays in business success. And the content is tailored for brokers looking to grow their careers, whether as a freelancer or as part of a company.

5. Get What You Want by Stuart Diamond

In this work, we can see a new style of negotiation, which is used by Google to train its employees across the planet. The model’s basic premise is to take the interlocutor’s perception into account and, thus, be more ready to meet their demands, expectations and concerns.

Here, Stuart Diamond shows us that discovering and valuing the other party’s emotions is far more advantageous than betting solely on the use of power and logic — strands so encouraged by conventional wisdom.

6. Realtors – Employees or Self-Employed? , by Rodrigo Arantes Cavalcante and Renata do Val

Written jointly by Rodrigo Arantes Cavalcante and Renata do Val, this book’s main premise is to portray, in a clear and objective way, what the real estate profession is like in a more practical and legal aspect.

Thus, you will be able to observe ways of working in the area, both in the brokerage itself and in job variants in certain situations. In addition, the work also addresses other factors, such as remuneration in the sector, the class body table and other relevant points in the area.

7. Building Skills: Real Estate Brokerage and Integrated Real Estate Marketing, by Ari Travassos

Another book by Ari Travassos. This time, the main focus is to show a more theoretical foundation about the sector, based on his extensive professional experience in the sector. In fact, a very relevant topic, especially in times of internet and digital marketing.

Among other things, it promotes the gathering of several subjects that make up the set of subjects necessary for a proper development of the real estate broker. The work even serves as study material for specific courses on the field.

8. How to Win Friends & Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

This book was released many decades ago, but that hasn’t caused it to lose its power to teach readers valuable lessons. The work is still a tremendous bestseller by author Dale Carnegie, simply indispensable for anyone wanting to improve their skills.

Here, among other teachings, we can learn to improve our relationships, both personally and professionally.

In addition, throughout the content it is possible to see tips on how to get along better, which address, among other things, the importance of sympathy and some simple acts — like remembering people’s names, for example. It is worth checking!

9. Get What You Want, by Stuart Diamond

Another book by writer Stuart Diamond, this work discusses 12 fundamental strategies to make the real estate agent a more competent and effective negotiator in the relationship with the public.

This characteristic, by the way, is fundamental for anyone wishing to survive in this dynamic and competitive market. Without a doubt, this is one of the best books for real estate agents at the moment!

Anyway, these are some of the real estate books you need to read to stay safe in the market! Did you already know some of these works? Did you like our tips? So, take the opportunity to share them with your friends on social media!