8 architecture podcasts for those looking for inspiration


Do you love learning about subjects related to architecture, urbanism, decoration, interior design and others related? Then you need to listen to the architecture podcasts we’ve selected for you. Now there are no more excuses for not learning more about this subject! After all, you only need to hear about it while doing other activities. See our suggestions below!

What are architecture podcasts?

Architectural podcasts are radio programs that have on-demand content for people to listen to over the internet.

In this case, the subjects covered in the programs are about architecture, urbanism, decoration, interior design and related.

The coolest thing about the podcast is the ability to listen to the audios on your cell phone, tablet or computer, at any time you want.

Podcast Advantages

Podcasts are on the rise and have been very successful in recent years. Therefore, they have several advantages for those who consume this type of content.

The biggest benefits of the podcast are the relaxed conversations that inform and, at the same time, entertain the listener.

The podcast’s practicality is also indisputable, since it can be heard anywhere in the world, as long as it is connected to the internet.

The audios can be listened to in different formats, on the smartphone or on the computer, which makes everyday life easier while performing a task or when traveling, for example.

Architecture podcast: the best!

Now that you know what architectural podcasts are and what the advantages of consuming this content format are, then it’s time to discover the best audio program suggestions. Check out:

  1. archicast

Arquicast is an architecture and urbanism podcast that is made available free of charge every 15 days to listeners.

The command of this podcast is formed by 3 architects and university professors: Adilson Amaral, Aline Cruz and Raphael Rodrigues.

The aim of the project is to increase the discussion about architecture and urbanism outside the classroom, raising awareness of its influence on our daily lives.

Arquicast already has more than 100 episodes, some with guest appearances specializing in the topics covered.

  1. House Style

The À Moda da Casa podcast is ideal for those looking for content that addresses well-being within our home.

In the contents of this podcast, the topics covered will be about the personalization and decoration of the corners that represent our personality.

In addition, it is also possible to learn about the main trends to make our home even more amazing.

Anyone who loves the universe of architecture, decoration and well-being, then you can’t miss this tip to hear the contents now!

  1.  construction space 

The Space in the Work podcast is led by Guilherme Wisnik, Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at USP, art and architecture critic, author of books such as Lucio Costa (2001), member of the São Paulo Association of Art Critics (APCA) and was general curator of the 10th. São Paulo Architecture Biennale (2013).

A strong name that commands this podcast that addresses relevant topics, such as current architecture, architecture biennials, public spaces and others.

You can listen to the audios on the Jornal da USP website, just choose the theme, click on the link and listen to the professor. 

  1. planned chaos

The Caos Planejado podcast is a digital publication on urbanism, focusing on Brazilian cities.

The episodes in this podcast address themes such as urban planning and management, housing and mobility.

The themes are very deep and, therefore, may be more interesting for students and researchers of architecture and urbanism, but nothing prevents them from listening to them to gain knowledge.

  1. Archichap

The Arquipapo podcast is led by 3 experts in architecture: Gabriel Celligoi, an architect graduated from the Federal University of Paraná, Kazu Maoski, an architect graduated from the Federal University of Paraná, Renata Diniz, an architect graduated from the Federal University of Paraná.

Since 2016, Arquipapo has made available diverse content about architecture, such as projects, competitions, dissertations, cities, landscape, travel, built icons, masters of architecture, among many others.

There are already more than 120 podcasts created by the trio of specialists, who have already talked about Industrialization in Construction, Intelligent Lighting, Unusual Projects and much more.

  1. ARQ2P

The ARQ2P podcast is hosted by Danilo Keila, Elis Cristina, Samuel Cabrera and Satoshi, who believe that people need to talk more about architecture.

This podcast is run by architects who like to talk and want their content to be listened to by professionals in the field and people who are not architects, but who love the subject.

Therefore, the language is totally relaxed and easy so that the content is accessible to everyone, without too many technical terms or monotonous themes.

In addition to listening to the contents, listeners can participate with comments, suggestions, criticisms and praise for the ARQ2P to become even more collaborative.

  1. Architect Podcast

The Architect’s Podcast is hosted by Rafael Fischer, an architect and master of engineering.

Rafael realized that he needed to learn even more about his profession as an architect and decided to research this knowledge on his own.

In addition to gaining knowledge, the architect shares content on his podcast that talks about tips, renowned professionals, habits, creativity , mobility and much more.

This type of podcast is perfect for those who are studying architecture and want to go deeper into the themes, as they may have the same doubts as the architect Rafael.

  1. Architecture in Everything

The Architecture in Everything podcast is conducted by Ana Lore Burliga Miranda, an architect and urban planner who is passionate about her profession.

His podcast audios address various topics, such as Architecture and Affective Memory , LGPD: General Data Protection Law in Architecture, Body and Mind at Home in Pandemic Times, Quality in Work – Installations and Coatings, Dry Construction, Investment in Real estate and more.

It’s worth listening to this diverse and interesting content about architecture!