6 cautions when negotiating real estate directly with the owner


As the Brazilian real estate market is highly valued, many people look for different ways to pay less when buying or renting a property. One way to do this is by trying to negotiate real estate directly with the owner.

At first, this strategy may seem advantageous, as it eliminates the intermediation of third parties and, consequently, the payment of fees. However, it is necessary to take several precautions so that this advantage does not end up turning into a tremendous headache in the future.

To know how to protect yourself from any problematic situations, check out some tips that we have prepared below about the necessary precautions you should take when negotiating directly with the property owner:

1. Research the market well

The first precaution when negotiating real estate directly with the owner is precisely to do a good market research, to ensure that you don’t end up buying “cat in a poke”.

By getting better information about the sector and its characteristics, you can have more basis to know if the pricing is adequate, for example. Many owners end up evaluating their property considering emotional factors or simply noticing how much neighbors and other owners are asking for.

It is essential to frame the price in the reality of the city, the neighborhood, the street, and the characteristics of the unit, the condominium and other crucial items. Not to be left behind, research these factors before trading.

2. Check property documentation

The second item is the verification of the property documentation, which can be more complicated than you think. Hardly a lay person is able to request and analyze all the paperwork that makes a property regularized, as there are several types of declarations.

In addition to the fact that many of the documents are difficult to understand for those outside the area, there is still the issue of authenticity. Remember that Brazil has a large number of counterfeiters who can carry out a scam.
Some of the assessments that you cannot fail to do are the Real Estate Registration Certificate (indicates whether the person with whom you are negotiating is effectively the owner of the unit), Federal Court Clearance Certificates, Civil Distributor and Labor Distributor Certificates (proof that there are no debts or lawsuits), IPTU and condominium history (show that these expenses are up to date).

Remember that any debts or debts can be considered as inherent to the property itself. That way, if you complete the transaction and make the purchase, you will be responsible for repaying them.

3. Do a very thorough inspection

As you are buying directly from the owner, a thorough inspection is essential to avoid discovering hidden problems or defects in the property, even if it is modern, after the purchase.
When you have the help of a specialized real estate agency, for example, it is the professional recruited by the company who will be responsible for this. Here, you need to do everything.

Start with the hydraulic part and open all the faucets, carefully checking the water pressure. Note well the environments of the bathrooms and kitchen, to check for leaks, leaks or mold.
Stuffed floors, peeling tiles and the existence of stains are also worrying factors in a house or apartment.
After that, it’s time to move on to the electrical system. Turn on the lights and check that all outlets are working properly or are sooty as this could indicate that a short circuit has previously occurred.
Finally, also look at the state of the power board and see if it is modern or needs an update.

4. Try to talk to the residents

Talking to people who really know the region is another necessary precaution when negotiating real estate directly with the owner. Your potential neighbors, for example, have probably lived in the neighborhood for years, so they’re perfect for pointing out the location’s strengths and weaknesses.

Try to question, for example, factors such as policing, crime and movement. It is also interesting to ask about basic services and the existence of some facilities. In addition, you start to understand the profile of the inhabitants and see if you fit into that lifestyle.

Other people who can contribute a lot are the professionals who work there, such as janitors, security guards and landlords. If possible, try to have a relaxed chat with them and listen carefully to their tips and advice, as they certainly know what they are talking about.

5. Visit the place at different times

Visiting the place at different times is also an interesting tip. Many people are tempted to rely too heavily on advertisements and photographs or to make a proposal right after visiting the property only once.
However, especially when you are doing business without the help of a professional, this is often a serious mistake.

The ideal is to go several times, at different times. That way you know whether the unit gets the morning or afternoon sun, whether it’s cool or hot, whether ventilation is adequate, and whether it’s quiet or noisy.
Visiting on the weekend or on holidays also helps to see if the neighborhood is deserted outside business hours or if it’s safe for you and your family.

6. Know who you are doing business with

Finally, since you are buying directly from the owner, it is essential to know effectively who you are doing business with.

Take the seller’s name and use the internet to your advantage, using search services to check if he has lawsuits or pending issues that could testify against his suitability.

Anyone who is involved in bankruptcy proceedings or has debts, for example, may have their assets involved in pledges to pay those debts. This can be a real headache for anyone acquiring property from that person.

These are some precautions that should be taken when doing business without the intermediary of a professional in the area! Invariably, relying on the help of a company specialized in the field brings much more security and dynamics to this type of negotiation.

 Realtor Characteristics

5 Essential Realtor Characteristics

Those who work in  the real estate market  know that this area requires knowledge and updating to keep up with the latest in the sector, which is constantly changing. Because of this, understanding the characteristics of a realtor can help you grow your career. Furthermore, paying attention to the points that must be developed is another positive point.

To help you through this process, we’ve listed 5 essential points you must know to provide good customer service. Besides, of course, being a quality professional. Check out what they are and see if they agree with your profile!

1. Have ethics in relationships with customers and companies

One of the main characteristics of the realtor is professional ethics. This conduct concerns a transparent and correct relationship with customers and employers or partnerships.
This means offering a service that values ​​the honesty of actions on all aspects. Mainly the suitability, which should not be forgotten due to financial gains or business that are not beneficial to any of the parties involved.

Therefore, professionals who maintain an ethical posture have much to gain. First, the trust and respect of your audience, after all, everyone who offers a good service wins good positions, closes great deals and even starts to be recommended by everyone.

Also because, it is common that many interested in buying, renting or selling a property seek indication of brokers among their friends and family. Therefore, those who have shown themselves to be ethical in the service, without a doubt, will have preference.

With this, maintaining an ethical posture, your income will be higher, your employability level will increase and you can even become a reference in your market.

2. Present security to provide good service

The  realtor  is a seller, as he will need to find ways to offer the best products – houses, apartments, sheds, commercial rooms, among other properties – to the client, highlighting the benefits and characteristics of the project, intermediating value negotiations, finally , something very similar to what a store salesperson does, for example, isn’t it?
Therefore, being safe and trustworthy is an essential characteristic. After all, no one would feel comfortable closing a deal, especially with high prices such as real estate, with someone who hesitates during a service.

To avoid any problem in this regard, it is recommended to seek as much information as possible about the sector and the projects you are currently working on. This is because, the more knowledge you have, the more confident you will have to attend and present the project.
In addition, trying to speak firmly, talking while looking at people and worrying about your personal appearance is fundamental. Try to dress appropriately to meet customers. And, of course, speak correctly, avoid slang and, by no means, use profanity.

All these attitudes contribute to an image of a confident professional, something that will be easily perceived by all those who receive care.

3. Demonstrate proactivity to exceed customer expectations

If a customer is interested in a particular apartment to buy, do you only present the property in question or any other suggestions? If your answer is the first option, it’s best to start reviewing your concepts.
Proactivity is one of the essential characteristics of the realtor. And that means anticipating customer needs and going beyond expectations. These are attitudes highly valued in the real estate sector and that all professionals should seek.

But proactivity is not just about presenting different alternative projects to the customer, even if he has not asked for it. It also means getting ahead of possible doubts, important points in the negotiation, difficulties and even advantages that the potential client is not seeing.

To reach this level of service it is necessary to pay attention to the wishes of customers. And with each new business, it seeks to improve and correct what was lacking in the previous one. This sensitivity and insight will come with time, however, it is necessary to be interested in evolving.

4. Be patient to serve customers

Every professional who deals directly with the public needs to have an indispensable characteristic: patience. And so it is with the  realtor , because your daily life will be full of people of all personalities.
While some will already know everything they want to find and will likely close the deal with ease, many others will be indecisive, needing more time and options to get to know each other. It can also take much longer to hit the hammer.

To meet these — and many others — demands, a good dose of patience and flexibility is needed, as it will be necessary to manage conflicts, doubts, stress and anxiety of clients. Anyway, the key is to practice serenity.

Without a doubt, a person with a “burst” profile would have difficulties in this field. In addition, the real estate career has many fluctuations, there are periods with many interested in renting, buying or selling, but there are other downturns in the sector.

Therefore, remaining patient and calm, whether during a negotiation or a more complicated phase of the market, is the way to success.

5. Pay attention to the details of the negotiation

One more characteristic of the realtor: attention to detail. This attribute is important, as their routine is not just about presenting real estate to interested parties, it also has a good deal of bureaucracy.
This implies filling in forms, contracts, rules that must be followed, terms, among other documents. For everything to work out, it is necessary to look very carefully at the smallest details. Read carefully and be organized so you don’t forget anything.

A small mistake or oversight can jeopardize a high-value contract. And nobody wants to lose sales, right? Therefore, anyone who wants to pursue this profession needs to be an organized person who values ​​processes executed with perfection.

Anyone who does everything in a hurry, without paying much attention, will not be able to adapt to the routine of a realtor. In a way, this characteristic goes along with the previous one, because to do everything correctly in detail, you need to be patient and dedicated.
Now that you know what are the characteristics of the realtor, take the opportunity and access our post to know what are  the types of clients in the real estate market .