5 Online Screen Recorder Options

If you are a digital business entrepreneur, you know very well how the tools that help and enable your business to grow are needed. Today, specifically, we’re going to talk about online screen recorder options, meaning that you don’t need to download any apps. Read on for free online screen recorder examples!

What is an online screen recorder?

For people who work in the digital and internet world, recording a computer or cell phone screen is very common. Sometimes, it is necessary to record a meeting, a live, or even it is necessary to record the screen of your computer or smartphone so that you can teach something to your customers and employees.

Because of this need, screen recorders and other tools that make life easier for the digital entrepreneur are always very welcome. However, often what should make life easier for those who work in this environment, ends up getting in the way. There are many options for screen recorders that are not online, that is, they need to download an application on your smartphone or computer.

This difficulty interferes a lot in the life of those who need recorded screens, but have no memory on the device to download the application. Or, who doesn’t trust any application and the authorizations and data it asks to record the screen. Faced with this need, the online screen recorder options show themselves as the best tools for those who need to record anything on screens and make their digital business grow more and more.

Screen capture is just one strategy that will help a digital business to develop.

Online Screen Recorder Options

Now, let’s give you online screen recorder tips for you who want to start recording video and audio from your screen:


Screencast-o-Matic is a pioneer in the field of free online screen capture. The tool does very well what it proposes to do: record the screen that is playing the video you want to capture.

This option has a very interesting positive point, while the tool captures the screen, it is possible to use text boxes as notes, which are superimposed on the video being recorded as if they were animations placed in editing.

In addition to the simple option of recording the screen with a video being played, it is also possible to record the webcam itself, if it is being used.

Screen Toaster

Like Screencast-o-Matic, Screen Toaster fulfils its role in screen recording. In this option, it is also possible to record online and free of charge an entire screen or just a part.

This is a very interesting possibility since some computer screen videos need to go through an editing process to cut out unwanted edges, which ended up being recorded because many online screen capture tools don’t have this option to record only a part.

This option is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems from Apple, and it also allows you to share the video more easily after recording the screen.

However, be careful with the purpose of the screenshot you want. If your video also needs audio, unfortunately, Screen Toaster doesn’t offer this possibility to capture sound.

Nimbus Capture

This option is one of the best available among online screen recorders for recording digital business content. Nimbus Capture allows for a lot of editing throughout the video recording, such as annotations in text blocks themselves. In other words, if you need this type of tool, you can just record it and you won’t have to go through an editing process afterwards, which saves a lot of time.

It also allows you to produce audiovisual materials using your own webcam, to capture photos and the screen itself.


For those who use Google Chrome, this is one of the best options to record a video from the screen itself. It is widely used in schools and has a purpose and values ​​deeply linked to education, so if your business somehow involves people who need to learn and teach,

Screencastify is a great option!

The tool allows many different options, normally found only in video editing, to be found in the screen recording itself. For example: annotation tools, audio-only recording or other audiovisual issues.

Screencastify is also compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, but its biggest difference is the offline recording permission. It is often necessary to make a recording, but there is no online support, and that’s where Screencastify stands out!


With an easy and simple interface that allows quick user learning, Loom is an online screen recorder similar to the rest. But, the difference from this one is in the fact that Loom is an extension of Chrome, which allows high-quality screenshots and quick sharing in a simple and practical way. This is a good option, since almost everyone has a Google account, and that alone is a requirement for using the tool.

This tool also allows you to add comments or notes in blocks of text at any second of your screen recording, which saves time and effort in editing, which may even be unnecessary.

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