5 items to evaluate a construction company


Buying the perfect property is the dream of many people, who end up resorting to brokers to help in this mission. Then we can see the size of the responsibility of these professionals, do you agree?

Therefore, they must take essential care, such as when evaluating the construction company responsible for the property.

Analyzing some aspects of the construction company to verify whether the company is reliable and will offer high quality properties is important, as this issue is not under the realtor’s control, but directly affects the efficiency of their work, as it impacts end consumer satisfaction.

Do you want to enhance your work and offer the best properties to clients? So get to know 5 items to evaluate a construction company and don’t let this element affect the quality of your work!

1. Analyze the company’s time to market

Just as companies evaluate their customers’ history, the opposite can also be done!

It is important for the broker to assess the company’s demand for real estate, whether it meets the deadlines correctly and which works have already been completed — in this last element, the quality factor should be the main item to be evaluated.

Even if the construction company is renowned, many times it may not be in a good phase, resulting in delays in the services performed and customer dissatisfaction, who will feel cheated by the realtor , since he was the professional responsible for choosing the company.

As the broker is already involved in this business, he will have no difficulty finding up-to-date information about the chosen construction company — he may even try to contact the organization itself for recent and truthful information.

2. Seek information about the company’s financial health

Knowing the company’s balance sheet, with financial reports and cash flow is the ideal way for the broker to choose the best construction company.

This is a well-founded type of analysis, as it uses hard data about the company, avoiding future problems resulting from financial damage to the chosen organization.

Companies in this field deal daily with a large amount of capital and any mistake, however small, can result in serious consequences for customers.

Despite being an aspect that does not directly impact the work of the broker — since he is hired by the client, not the construction company — a dissatisfied client can be synonymous with a shaken reputation, since word of mouth is the main marketing of professionals .

In addition, it is possible to consult agencies that provide information on customer complaints regarding a particular company, such as the Consumer Protection and Defense Program (Procon).

3. Learn about the training of professionals involved in the project

The training of professionals is a relatively new scenario for construction companies, which have started to invest in this aspect in order to make up for the lack of qualified labor at construction sites.

However, not all companies believe that this is a crucial factor, leaving it out!

Imagine that you go to a dentist and he does not know how to perform the necessary procedure, doing the job halfway and forcing you to look for another professional? It wouldn’t be a pleasant experience, would you agree?

This same analogy can be made with a construction company: it must offer the best services, with professionals trained to meet the client’s requests.

Therefore, this must be a crucial factor for the broker, who should not only analyze the administrative part of the construction company, but also the type of service offered by it.

For this, he must analyze whether the technical team has the necessary certification to perform the functions to which it is submitted, ensuring the quality of services and safety at the construction site.

The training of professionals is such an important element that it is also related to the progress of the work.

When the team has the necessary knowledge to carry out the work efficiently and with quality, there will be no problem with the project’s deadline.

However, when employees first need to know the type of work they must perform and then perform it, the time to complete the work is longer, compromising the deadline.

And that’s not all: when we say that the broker must analyze the team of the chosen construction company, we are also including indirect collaborators — such as suppliers.

If the supplier is late in delivering the products, the entire progress of the work is compromised, isn’t it?

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the construction company to choose the best supplier, who meets the deadlines and offers quality materials, ensuring a good final result in the project.

4. Don’t just focus on theory

Now that you’ve done all the necessary research to know the type of company you want to hire, it’s time to get down to business!

Oftentimes, a project carried out by the construction company can be perfect on paper, however, the reality can be quite different.

Therefore, it is important that the broker invests in this aspect, as he will have real evidence about the quality of the services performed by the construction company.

In this way, he will be able to guarantee that the client will feel satisfied with the project developed by the construction company, preventing this element from affecting his professional reputation – a poorly carried out project, even if there is no interference from the broker, directly affects the quality of its services.

Be sure to seek information from the residents as well: talk to people who live in properties developed by the construction company, obtaining as much information as possible about the quality of the services performed, such as materials used, compliance with delivery deadlines and the final result.

As these are real and concrete information, the broker will be able to get to know the company even more, avoiding being taken in by misleading information.

5. Leave laziness aside and compare

Evaluating requires making comparisons, doesn’t it? So, nothing is fairer than comparing the chosen construction company with others that operate in the same field.

This is important for the broker to have an idea of ​​the type of service performed by the chosen construction company – if it uses available technologies, if the deadline is consistent with the type of work or if the amount charged is in accordance with the market, for example — and don’t have any nasty surprises after your choice.

The total amount presented by the client does not only take into account how much the broker earns, but everything else involved, such as the value of the services performed by the construction company.

Did you like to learn more about the evaluation process in a construction company? Don’t forget that the services performed by this company directly impact the quality of your work as a broker and, therefore, this procedure deserves special attention!