2021 decor trends for your home


It’s still 2020, but next year has never been so anticipated by people. After all, we hope it will be a year of renewal and joy. So if you’re thinking about changing the design of your home, then you need to know what 2021 decor trends are going to come with it!

What color will be the year? What type of decoration should you bet on? Which objects to use? We’ve answered these and other questions about the 2021 decor. Check it out below!

What are the 2021 decor trends?

The home of many of us has become the place where we spend the most time. From leisure, rest and even work, our house became our refuge. So if you’ve realized that your home is in need of renovation, then you need to be on top of the 2021 decor updates.

We know that every year, new colors, different objects, different furniture and other accessories to make up our house are renewed according to annual trends.

So, we’ve separated some decorating tips for 2021 that you’ll love to use in your home, see:

1. Color of 2021

WGSN, an American trend forecasting company, has already anticipated which will be the 2021 trend color that will be in various sectors of our lives, including home decor.

The company identified that the Aegean Sea and technology are the factors that led to the composition of the color AI Aqua , a very specific shade of blue that has a natural sea touch and a digital touch.

You can bet that we will see many objects, accessories and furniture with this tone in the decorations of the houses next year!

AI Aqua: WGSN X Coloro Color of 2021 - WGSN Insider

2. Light fixture 2021

Lighting fixtures play an important role in decorating a home, as they bring lighting in environments that need this feature.

However, they are more needed in 2021 because they are used to compose a home office space, the most common work option today.

Try to choose a lamp that matches the rest of the room’s decor to bring harmony and comfort to the place.

Attractive cheerful woman choosing lighting for her home, copy space. Female customer buying environmentally friendly efficient lamps. Ecology, sustainable, energy concept

3. Industrial style 2021

The industrial style decoration has been around for some time and has become a reference for those who want a modern and cool decoration.

Therefore, this type of decor appears again with force in 2021 to reuse objects that are already in place, such as wood, aluminum, iron and plastic.

This reuse of objects and furniture to compose the industrial style appears as a great option for those who want to renovate the decor, but do not want to spend too much.

Kitchen interior in loft, industrial style, 3d render.

4. Featured Pieces 2021

The feature of highlighted pieces is ideal for those who have a large and bright space. That’s because this piece needs to be highlighted in the room’s decoration. 

The highlighted pieces make up a more luxurious and personalized place, which can enhance any decor.

Chairs hanging from the ceiling are great options for those who want to highlight a unique piece inside the room.

Different ideas for chairs - limaonagua

5. 2021 color combination

As we said, the color of 2021 will be AI Aqua, a blue tone that refers to the sea and technology.

However, this tone may appear in some objects in the house that will need to be in harmony with the colors of the walls and other accessories in the space.

Therefore, bet on light shades of grey, black and white to create color combinations that convey the feeling of peace, tranquility and harmony.

https://blog.aocubo.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/iStock-860113140.jpg Black and white carpet in designed Home office with classic wooden chair at desk with desktop and lamp

6. Decoration vases 2021

Vases, with or without flowers , are amazing pieces to compose vigorous, creative and personalized environments.

You can use vases to compose the decoration of various rooms in your house or apartment.

Pay attention to the model of the vase to match the rest of the decor in the space, as well as the color to match.

https://blog.aocubo.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/iStock-1147472170.jpg hand with water can water indoor plants on windowsill

7. Natural elements 2021

The appreciation of nature is also in the decorative objects that we are going to use in 2021.

The connection of human beings with nature has never been so desired and strengthened in recent months, therefore, this connection will be present in decorative objects indoors .

The decoration with natural elements in 2021 will be made with natural and organic materials, leaving the outside present in your home.

https://blog.aocubo.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/iStock-1097294850.jpg Vertical garden inside. Spices, flowers and fruits on a wall. Female sprinkling water on the plants.

8. Combined environments 2021

Conjoined environments have been around for some time, but they will appear even more so in 2021.

The harmonious integration between the living room, kitchen and dining room can be done through decoration.

The use of planned furniture can facilitate the creation of this integration to organize and decorate the home.  

https://blog.aocubo.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/iStock-697574128.jpg Minimalist modern kitchen with dining table and living room, white and yellow scandinavian interior design

9. Mirror 2021

The mirror can be used in your home decoration in 2021. That’s because this object gives a special and luxurious touch to the environment.

In addition, mirrors help to give space to the smaller rooms of the house, that is, it should be used in small rooms.

The most traditional way to use mirrors at home is hanging on the wall, but it can also appear in furniture coverings.

https://blog.aocubo.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/iStock-1146021022.jpg Stylish and minimalistic scandi interior of living room with design furnitures. Home decor.

10. New Minimalism 2021

Minimalism in home decor has been a trend in recent times and will continue to rise in 2021.

The motto of this type of organization is “less is more”, so opt for furniture, accessories and objects with a basic and clean design.

Try to use furniture in straight lines, neutral colors and without flashy handles. The environments need to be in the same harmony to create true minimalism at home.

https://blog.aocubo.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/iStock-1154919104.jpg Armchair and coffee table with black wall

11. Frames and 2021 picture frame

Anyone who wants to make a quick and easy transformation at home in 2021 can use the frames and picture frames.

These objects are simple, but they can be a real transformation in your home environments.

You can themed frames or picture frames in each room, or mix different elements.

https://blog.aocubo.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/iStock-1190440285.jpg Eclectic living room interior with comfortable velvet corner sofa with pillows

Use your creativity and get inspired by the decor trends for 2021. We hope these tips make your homes even more harmonious, organized and decorated!