12 apps to help you renovate your home


Going through a makeover is stressful and tiring. That’s because there are many things to solve at the same time: buying materials, choosing the colors of the floor and walls, hiring service providers, deciding on a decoration style, etc. But luckily, there are home improvement apps that make the process easier.

Home renovation apps 

In this post, we at AoCubo brought several apps for you to download, which will be true allies during the renovation of your dream house. Check out!

  1. Simple Reform 

No matter how small, a reform requires financial planning so as not to blow your family budget. Therefore, the Reformat Simples app can be very useful during this process.

Using the National System of Survey of Costs and Indexes of Civil Construction (SINAP) as a reference, Reformat Simples estimates the quantity and price of materials, according to the initial budget requested.

It also allows you to separate the renovation by rooms, and your report can be saved either in the app or sent to an email of the user’s preference, already converted into an Excel spreadsheet.

Available for Android only.

  1. Construal 

Construal is another home improvement application option that helps you organize your budget. With it, it is possible to estimate the amount of materials needed to make flooring, tile, plaster, and painting, among others.

Those who opt for the pro version have benefits such as the calculation of hardware and wood, among other options.

Available for Android and is.

  1. Sun Surveyor Lite 

One of the things that not everyone thinks about before starting a renovation is the position of the sun in relation to the property. Knowing this is essential to be able to grow plants, position the windows, and see which rooms will receive more natural light, for example.

Luckily, the Sun Surveyor Lite app helps you with this information so you can plan your home to receive as much sun as possible.

Available for Android and is.

  1. My Measures 

Knowing the size of the rooms and spaces in your home is also fundamental in a renovation. That way, you get information to buy materials, request quotes for services, and also know the proper measure of the furniture you should buy.

To do this, instead of using the measuring tape to measure each corner, just download My Measures and simplify this task.

Available for Android and is.

  1. Magic plan 

Another option to measure the footage of the rooms in a simple way, Magic plan scans the rooms and creates a floor plan of them, with the estimated calculations. Thus, the app is a good option to have a base to install the furniture according to the available space.

Available for Android and is.

  1. 5D Planner

With Planner 5D you can design your home plan in 2D or 3D. The app even has a catalog with several items for you to create your decor. In the free version there are 150 items, in the paid version there are more than 5 thousand items to use.

Available for Android and is.

  1. home-style 

In Home-style you can also create your own 3D design projects. With this app, you can photograph the environment of your own home and choose the furniture that best fits it.

Also, you can be inspired by other projects, and give and receive feedback.

Available for Android and is.

  1. Tidier 

Usually, the time to hire service providers is one of the most complicated. So, once again, home improvement apps are very useful, and in this case Tidier helps a lot!

This app helps you find and hire professionals. To do this, simply request a quote for which 3 different proposals will be sent within 24 hours. So, you choose the best one for your budget and negotiate the contract via chat. Payment is only made after completion of the service.

Available for Android and is.

  1. Coral Visualizer 

Deciding the color of each room can be a lot more complicated than it looks! After all, she needs to value the environment, please the whole family, in addition to providing well-being.

That’s why the Coral Visualizer app will help you a lot! With it you can visualize how the desired color will look on the wall, from a photo taken of the environment.

Plus, it helps you find a color you like but you don’t know the name, and it gives you tips on the latest color palette trends for real estate.

Available for Android and is.

  1. House – Home Design & Remodel

The House – Home Design & Remodel app will be your best friend when decorating your home. That’s because it has a huge image bank for you to be inspired by different styles, environments, among others.

But not only that! House also has augmented reality, so you can simulate how the furniture you want in your home will look like.

Available for Android and is.

  1. handy Level 

When it’s time to finish the renovation with special touches, such as a frame or shelf on the wall, for example, it is essential that the installation be done with precision, right?

And to ensure your measurements are right and aligned, count on handy Level. It is simple to use and useful beyond makeover.

Available for Android and is.

  1. Escape 

If you are going to build a garden in your house, count on Escape to help you. Through augmented reality, this app helps you choose the best trees, plants, flowers and grasses to plant in your environment.

Besides, you can also simulate the installation of coverings and see if the final result of the garden pleases you or not, before actually buying the material.